Pepe Domingo Castaño, among the Spanish minority shareholders of Plus Ultra




Radio presenter Pepe Domingo Castaño is among the Spanish shareholders of the airline Plus Ultra, through the company Saudade Flavia, which owns 2.15% of the capital, according to data from the Mercantile Registry. The sports journalist from Cadena Cope thus participates in a minority way in the capital of the airline Plus Ultra, company that received a injection of 53 million euros in loans from the Strategic Companies Solvency Support Fund of the Sociedad Estatal de Participaciones Industriales (SEPI) as it is considered by the Government as a “strategic company” despite the fact that its weight in Spanish air traffic was barely 0.03% before the crisis.

Pepe Domingo Castaño, one of the most prominent voices on Spanish sports radio, would be one of the airline’s shareholders that has received loans through the Sepi rescue fund, according to ‘El Confidencial’. The presenter of ‘Time of Game’ of Cadena Cope and previously presenter of ‘Carrusel Deportivo’ of ‘La Ser’, owns 70% of Saudade Flavia, domiciled in Madrid’s Calle Sextante, whose company also includes his children and his wife María Teresa Vega, as recorded in the Mercantile Registry. In fact, one, Jorge Hugo Castaño Vega, has been the sole administrator of this company since 2015 and a director of Plus Ultra since 2014, as is recorded in his professional resume, where it appears that he has been a commercial pilot since January 1998.

Spanish part of Plus Ultra

Pepe Domingo Castaño would be part of the shareholders of the Spanish airline founded in 2011 by Julio Martínez Sola and Fernando González Enfedaque, two Spanish executives who were also part of Air Madrid. Currently, both are still present on Plus Ultra’s board of directors as representatives of shareholder companies. Another of the companies that appears as the owner is FGM Geoanalisis System, managed by the president of Plus Ultra, Fernando García Manso.

The vice president and founder, Julio Martínez Sola, is present in the airline’s capital with Sky Solutions. The Alva Skies and Wings company, managed by businessman Antonio Caldeiro Téllez, is also listed as a shareholder of Plus Ultra. Most of the shareholding of this airline is in the hands of Venezuelan businessmen Rodolfo José Reyes Rojas, Raif El Arigie Harbie and Roberto Roselli Mieles.

These entrepreneurs, according to the latest data from the Mercantile Registry, participate in Plus Ultra through two companies (Snip Aviation and FlySpain) that control 56.8% of the company’s shares. They also hold positions on the board of directors. In addition, there are two other Venezuelan investors involved in the Plus Ultra shareholding. They are Flavio Pedro Antonio Borquez Tarff and Héctor Antonio Tobías Roye.

Company executives have always recognized the good relationship with the Venezuelan Government, to whom they have thanked their support. In 2018, during the inauguration of the Caracas-Madrid flight, the president of the airline Fernando Manso thanked Venezuela because “without their help it would have been almost impossible to carry out this project.” «We are not going to stay only in moving passengers from Madrid to Caracas, but what we are going to do will be a project that will be basic for Venezuela, that meets all the expectations that they have of a new airline and that one day we will be able to to return the favor, “explained the president in a video broadcast on the occasion of said flight.

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