Mon. Nov 18th, 2019

"People with evil want to break the team"

A few hours after the visit of Barça to Kaunas (7 pm) on the seventh day of the Euroleague, the rival, the Zalgiris, and the coliderato went to the background and the controversy settled in the Palau Blaugrana. Svestislav Pesic and Nikola Mirotic came up with information published by the newspaper Brand , according to which the players would have started a campaign against the Serbian coach, fed up with his manners and methods. “There are people with a lot of evil. We know very well who they are. The only thing they want is to break the team and its dynamics, ”said Mirotic, pointed out as the supposed riot leader against Svetislav Pesic.

It all started on Tuesday when the Madrid sports newspaper published that "the costumes begin to be fed up with the ways and methods of their coach", and that "animosity towards him is increasingly growing and unanimous among all players." From other media it was assured that Mirotic was the leader who "leads this crusade against Pesic."


“I maintain a relationship of great respect towards my players and they respect me”

Yesterday, at the press conference prior to the Euroleague match, the Serbian coach responded about the alleged bad relationship with his players, true to his style: "Everyone knows my demand." He added: "I maintain a relationship of great respect towards my players and they respect me as a person and as a coach."

But who abounded most in the matter was Nikola Mirotic, the star of Barça in this season start. The Montenegrin reacted with irony to the accusation of being the supposed leader of the revolt: "All that makes me laugh because in our team, both players, as technicians, managers and fans we are very united and more excited than ever." And he continued on a campaign against his person to destabilize him in the good moment he lives: “There are many people screwed, who has not overcome it yet and will never overcome it. They take things about me, about my looks, my numbers and things like that. They can say what they want because it is their job, but what we have to do is pass from them and control what we can control, ”said the power forward.

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