August 7, 2020

People with disabilities provide differential value in their equipment, according to the Incluscom Report

The communication professionals with disabilities demonstrate, when given the opportunity, that they have the necessary knowledge and skills to add value to the communication teams. It is one of the conclusions that follows of the Incluscom Report: analysis of the inclusion and professional development capabilities of people with disabilities in the field of communication in Spain.

The report, driven by the Association of Communication Managers, Dircom, next to Spanish Committee of Representatives of Persons with Disabilities (CERMI), ONCE Foundation and DOWN SPAIN, the CEU San Pablo University, and with the collaboration of Ministry of Labor, Migration and Social Security, has been presented this Wednesday, December 11, in CaixaForum (Madrid), before professionals from different fields.

María Antonia Pérez León, General Director of Autonomous Work, Social Economy and Corporate Social Responsibility, has opened the day pointing out that “Disability has to stop being excluded from the world of work, since it is part of what we understand by business diversity”. Pérez León has also emphasized that “If we do not have people with disabilities in the world of work, we deprive ourselves of their talent, creativity and resilience. They are an added value for companies, and for the world of communication. ”

For its part, Miguel López-Quesada, President of Dircom, stressed the importance of conducting an analysis of the current situation of people with disabilities, "since only knowing in depth the opportunities gaps that are presented we can offer valid and rigorous solutions to keep advancing together towards real inclusion"

They have also intervened Alberto Durán, vice president of ILUNION and executive vice president of the ONCE Foundation, who said that “people with disabilities, increasingly, want and can develop professionally because society is changing" For its part, Luis Cayo, president of CERMI, has indicated that today “the media still do not convey a faithful image of what people with disabilities are, contribute and are worth. The inclusion of people with disabilities in the media will improve and dignify this situation. ”

Matthew San Segundo, President of DOWN SPAIN, has pointed out the importance of inclusive education, since "for people they are Down's SyndromeFinding a job means your own realization, as well as the endowment of personal autonomy and social inclusion ”. Maria Solano, decade of the Faculty of Humanities and CC. From the Communication of the CEU San Pablo University, he wanted to highlight that “The university is of no use if it does not turn to the important issues for society, and the development of this type of reports serves to put our research and knowledge at the service of the public thoroughfare ”. The welcome has been in charge of Isabel P. Fuentes, director of CaixaForum.

The conclusions of the study have been presented by Mónica Viñarás, María Sánchez, and Tamara Vázquez, researchers from the CEU San Pablo University. The investigation has allowed to put on the table, based on objective data, the state current inclusion of people with disabilities in the communication sector.

· The study shows that only 26.4% of respondents work or have worked with people with disabilities, and that the main barriers to labor inclusion are prejudice, fear and ignorance of the people in charge of the election of the people who must fill job vacancies.

· The profile of people with disabilities who work in the communication sector is a technician or editor, with higher education and a physical or sensory disability. Barely distinguishes differences by sex.

· It has also been concluded that most of the industry professionals (75%) that work with People with disabilities consider that you are have contributed a differential value to their teams, and that it is necessary that the people who run the Communication departments be inclusive leaders, capable of captaining diverse teams, composed of people who bring different talents and abilities.

· The report indicates that it is essential that the families offer their children with disabilities a stimulating environment, ambitious, without limits or overprotection, to achieve that in the future they develop their full potential.

· Likewise, in the educational environment, although universities and vocational training centers have improved accessibility and implemented curricular adaptation programs, there are still prejudices about the abilities and employability of people with disabilities, in addition to architectural barriers.

· Finally, it is concluded that the People with disabilities, like the rest of communication professionals, can develop the 11 capacities collected in the Global Capabilities Framework, if you have the adequate resources.

· The People with disabilities consider that they are not different from the rest and reject stereotypes. However, the study reflects that your life experience potentiates in many cases the Talent and special abilities.

To end the day, has discussed the development of the professional capacities of people with disabilities on a moderate round table by Beatriz Prieto, Commitment member of the Board of Directors of Dircom.

Lary Leon, journalist and manager of the Atresmedia FoundationHe has stated that "people with disabilities have the mission of helping others understand disability as something natural, and make them lose their fear." On the adaptation of technology to people with disabilities has talked Ana Gomez, journalist of Servimedia, who has ensured that "the sensitivity and desire to commit to entrepreneurs is key to the adaptation of people with disabilities."

He has also intervened David Martínez, responsible for Communication of CERMI, who has argued that people with disabilities are not heroes of victims. "The true normalization of disability will be achieved when it appears in the media just because it is another feature of people, and not because it is news." For its part, Jesus Argumedodoctor in Advertising and PR., He said that he does not believe that there is "any hostile profession or career, but difficulties that we have to face, as is the case in many other situations."

The dialogue has ended with an important reflection of Beatriz Prieto, Dircom Commitment member, who has indicated that it is clear “the determination and perseverance that characterize people with disabilities; that the barriers are not found in people, but in the environment, and that, in a society exposed to constant challenges, it is important to incorporate the talent of people with disabilities, since they can provide a lot of value ”.

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