«People leave the room and walk through the‘ ‘hall’ ’and the pool»

The Canary Islands have lived in the last four days intense hours and chaos. In alert for the calima, the partial closures of the airspace and several fires, now the confirmation of two new cases of coronavirus is added.

The H10 Costa Adeje Palace hotel, in the south of Tenerife, yesterday sealed its facilities to carry out sanitary controls on the guests and workers of the company after an Italian tourist who was staying there and his wife tested positive. Thus, a total of one thousand people remain confined waiting to rule out their Covid-19 infection.

Domingo is one of them. This Bilbao had arrived on the island with his wife to celebrate their 52nd wedding anniversary. He says that it was fortuitous as he learned the news. "I knew it when my daughter called to tell me that the hotel we were in was going to be put in isolation," he says by phone from his room. And it is that one of the criticisms of some guests has been the little information received from the hotel chain.

Many have spread the written statement in several languages ​​through their social networks. It reads: «Dear guest, we regret to inform you that for medical reasons the hotel has been closed. Until the health authorities order it, you must remain in your room ».

Both Domingo and his partner remain calm and it is they, from within, who ask to reduce alarmism. "The specialists we hear on television say there have been more deaths from normal flu than from the coronavirus, so we must be calm." And he adds that they are more nervous for their relatives who do not know when they will return, than for their health.

They have preferred to stay in their room, look out on the balcony and watch the news. However, he says that when they went to breakfast, "the only time we went down to the reception, we saw people walking through the‘ ‘hall’ ’and by the pool."

Missing flights

Other testimonies of guests, who have recorded and disseminated through their phones, question the lack of information and the handling of this crisis. In these images disseminated by themselves, one sees how an information table has been set up in the hall and how reception has become an impromptu meeting point.

But they ask to be told how long they will stay like this, especially since many have lost their flights. There are tourists who are very diverse nationalities, but mainly English, German and Spanish, who these days had come to the island to celebrate Carnival. Meanwhile, outside the hotel several ambulances and national and local police have created a perimeter of 100 meters round impassable. Such is the anguish that is lived within that a family wanted to leave it suitcase in hand and a policeman blocked their way.

On the other hand, several members of the staff of the hotel have asked to be tested to rule out a possible infection: "We clean their rooms, their bathrooms, and even touch their intimate clothes, so we prefer to get out of doubt," says a waitress of floor.


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