July 30, 2021

«People could not believe that I was sick»

«People could not believe that I was sick»

Luz Adriana is one of the faces that attest to the real value of the discoveries of James Allison and Tasuko Honjo. In February of last year, a "little ball" was discovered in the neck, a lump that ended up being a lymphoma. «He was looking at me in the mirror, while doing my usual nocturnal beauty ritual. It did not hurt me and that's why I thought it was not serious, but we are very poorly informed; On the contrary, if it does not hurt is when you have to worry, "he recalls. In fact, she did not go to the doctor immediately. But when in consultation his doctor detected the presence of cancer cells in his lymphatic system after a biopsy of that "little ball", he immediately referred her to the area of ​​Hematology. "I was going to the ward of La Paz Hospital in Madrid where they are providing chemotherapy because the immunotherapy treatments are also given intravenously." The Hematology and Oncology unit of the Madrid center is one of the country's main references in this field.

But his case was very different from the rest of the patients with whom he shared space. «I received two cycles of immunotherapy. In the first one they gave me four sessions, one a day, but in the second I only went once every two months. They did it like that because they saw that things were going well, "he stresses.

What stands out Luz Adriana is that at no time during the process did she feel sick. In fact, his acquaintances could not believe that he was fighting cancer because his appearance was far from the preconceived idea of ​​those affected. "I did not have nausea, or dizziness, nor did my hair fall out nor did I lose weight," she says. It was so good that he did not even lower his activity in social networks.

In the workplace, he was only off three weeks after the surgery in which he removed the bulge in his neck, but not in the time he was in hematological treatment. "I asked for the sessions on Fridays so I would not miss work. The day after I was more tired, but nothing happened because it was a weekend, "he explains.

Therefore, Luz Adriana encourages the entire population to self-explore because it is considered the best way to detect lymphomas in time. "In my case it was in a very visible place, but the inflammation of the most important ganglia of the body, which are in the neck and in the armpits, can be a symptom of cancer," he explains.


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