Pensions will rise 0.25% if there is no government

The Secretary of State for Social Security, Octavio Granado, trusts that on September 23 there will be a Government that enters "in full use of its powers" and decides how pensions will be revalued next year, since if they are not approved no measure these will rise again 0.25%. This was stated during the press conference to assess the data of registered unemployment and Social Security affiliation, where he also recalled that "the revaluation of pensions should have been established in a Law on General State Budgets (PGE) that was not born. "

"We are in September and right now talking about urgency and need regarding the revaluation of pensions would still be premature," he said. In the eighth month of the year, pension spending has risen 5.3%, although Granado has said that the Executive expects to fall to 5% at the end of the year. Granado has explained that this increase is due to the impact recorded by the entry into the system of groups that have retired early between January and March.

The secretary of state has indicated that the real cost of raising minimum pensions with inflation is "acceptable" for the increase in income provided that "the increase in income is also slightly higher than the expense".

On the Social Security deficit, the Secretary of State has affirmed that it is "perfectly possible" to ensure that it can be reduced. Thus, he assured that, despite the increase in pensions with the CPI, the deficit will be smaller and this "is a relatively positive fact about the system."

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