Pensioners take to the streets to protest against the reform of Escrivá



Representatives of the organizations that make up the State Board for the Shielding of Pensions (MERP) have gathered this afternoon in the Plaza of the Reina Sofía Museum in Madrid to demand the pension protection in the Constitution and that the loss of purchasing power is avoided.

The protesters walked along Carretas, Jacinto Benavente and Atocha streets in the Madrid capital until they reached the Plaza del Museo Reina Sofía, where a manifesto was read to ask for the “express prohibition” that any government can «Cut back or privatize, totally or partially ”, the Public Pension System and that“ the maintenance of the real purchasing power of the
public pensions


“We feel more and more supported, we started eleven organizations and now we are more and very diverse because this has to become a social clamor and a necessity,” the spokesperson for one of the platforms told the media.

The organizers have highlighted the broad movement that has been generated around the claim in favor of public pensions and highlighted the participation in the mobilization this Saturday of members of numerous platforms who arrived in Madrid in 15 buses.

“We are more than 360 organizations, many at the state level, but there are regional and local organizations that have made a great effort to be here, there has been a very good response from colleagues,” the organizers have indicated.

For the platform it is essential, “at a time when a pension reform is being debated, explicitly prohibit its privatization in the Constitution.” “This is something that unites us all,” said one of the members of the organization.

During the tour, the protesters carried banners alluding to their claim with messages such as: “Pensioners. Solidarity between generations ”or“ If the debt was shielded, why not the pensions ”.

Concentrations in other cities

The demonstrations have taken place in other Spanish cities such as Barcelona, where some 500 people demonstrated against reforms that harm pensioners. The mobilization, called by Marea Pensionista, began in Plaza Cataluña and the participants have traveled to Plaza Sant Jaume to protest at the Palau de la Generalitat and the City Hall.

Some protesters have held up banners with the messages ‘Your pension is a right, it is not a gift’ and ‘Early retirement without penalty’. The demonstration criticizes the “cascade of new cuts that, if confirmed, will leave those of the 2013 reform pale,” the entity said in a statement. In the statement, the entity has demanded that the Government withdraw this bill to avoid the “impoverishment and privatization” of pensions.

On Pamplona About 700 people have participated in the rally that started from the Plaza de Baluarte preceded by a banner with the slogan ‘In defense of the public pension system’. The protesters, who have organized themselves in three separate columns, have chanted slogans such as ‘Rule who governs pensions defend themselves’, ‘Repeal pension reform’ or ‘Gap in salary, gap in pension’.

“The public pension system wants to be reduced to a subsistence assistance system to promote private pension plans,” the organizers of the demonstration have censured.

Speaking to the media before the demonstration, Benito Uterga, on behalf of the convening groups, has criticized that “the last thing on the table is that pensions are not going to raise the real CPI, as we had been promised Instead, the average of the previous 12 months is going to rise, with which the loss of purchasing power that can occur this year is immense.

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