Pensioners show their “outrage” at the “drama” in the residences

About twenty pensioners gathered this Monday in Bilbao before the palace of the Provincial Council of Bizkaia to express their “indignation” at the consequences of the coronavirus in the residences of elderly people in this territory, in which at least 279 users have died. by COVID-19.

After carrying out last March 9, before the declaration of the state of alarm, the last of the gatherings that called every Monday since January 2018 before the Bilbao City Council in demand of “decent” pensions, retirees and pensioners Biscayans, have come back together today, although this time before the Provincial Council, as “responsible” for the residences.

Wearing masks and keeping safe distances, about twenty pensioners have gathered in front of the Provincial Palace, with banners asking “No to the privatization of residences”, a “decent life” for the “elderly dependents in residences and at home “, and -your traditional claim- a minimum pension of 1,080 euros per month.

They have spent a little over half an hour in front of the main headquarters of the Biscayan Provincial Council, where they have chanted their usual slogans, such as that of “Pensionistas aurrera”, and a new one such as “Govern who governs the public defends itself.”

Jon Fano, one of the spokespersons for the concentrates, explained that the event was held in front of the Provincial Palace of Bilbao because the Provincial Council is “responsible” for the residences for the elderly and is in charge of inspecting these centers, both public as well as private and concerted.

In a note, the Bizkaia Pensioners’ Movement highlighted that with this concentration they wanted to show their “indignation” at the consequences of the pandemic in the homes of the elderly.

From the beginning of the crisis until last May 15, 279 people have died with coronavirus in residences in Bizkaia and 32 with suspicion, as reported by the Provincial Council on Monday.

“What happened is the chronicle of an announced drama,” the pensioners have considered in their note.

“There have been huge deficiencies and problems in the residences,” Jon Fano told reporters.

He stressed that the group of retirees and pensioners has “a lot to say in the face of the situation that a good part of the elderly have been suffering in the residences, and that of the dependents confined to their homes.”

Fano has announced that, to the best of their ability and always with “security” measures, they intend to continue taking to the streets and to repeat this type of “symbolic protests”, in Bilbao and other towns in Biscay, in favor of the elderly and dependent.


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