Penelope Cruz receives the San Sebastian Festival Donostia Award

Facing its last days, the San Sebastian Festival has reserved one of its main dishes: the delivery of the Donostia Prize to Penelope Cruz, once it has already been received by the French of Greek origin Costa-Gavras and the Canadian Donald Sutherland. The one of the Oscar-winning actress of “Vicky Cristina Barcelona” is the Donostia more “at home”, so to speak, and also represents an additional tribute to the inclusion of Madrid as a promotional image of this 67 edition. Double prize.

"I was practically a girl when I started on this. "Ham, ham" and "Belle èpoque" I made them with 17 and 18 years. I have grown up in the cinema and discovered many things about me through it, because our instruments are emotions. Although you never get to the bottom, there is always something to learn, "the actress recalled.

Penelope Cruz was seen at a press conference as a girl "whose first games were to interpret situations by myself. I felt a lot of freedom. But I didn't do it to escape myself, but I felt that I was looking inside." With "Ham, ham" he felt that he was on the razor's edge: "The last day of shooting I sank: what if this is the last time? I thought. I felt in the place where I wanted to be and did not know if I would work on this again ".

The interpreter recalled how much the "military discipline" of dance, which she practiced since she was a child, served her. Also, consider, "An actor cannot work much with his ego. That is a parallel part of this profession. With a character, the ego is not worth it. "

The fact of having become a mother has filtered her agenda. He lives more often in Spain and looks at the projects with an eye to make family life compatible. Its roots in the Alcobendas neighborhood remain latent: "Sometimes I go to the street where I was born and I get excited."

"I am a bit of a character from Almodóvar," Penelope Cruz points out, laughing, remembering how he thought the delivery of this Prize "could be something bad," a kind of burial of his career. This award is the last of a career that began with doubts from his family: "They were afraid, they told me to have a plan B, but I thank them for not laughing at me." The girl who went to Hollywood with a return ticket, achieved her dream of combining the cinema here and there

The actress also promotes in the Festival "The red wasp", by Olivier Assayas, which takes us to the turbulent Havana of the 90s and a plot of espionage. Penelope Cruz calibrated the current reality of the country on the ground.

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