Fri. Oct 18th, 2019

Pence visits an immigration detention center and recognizes that it is "hard"

The vice president of the United States, Mike Pence, visited an immigration detention center in Texas on the border with Mexico on Friday, and acknowledged that it is "hard" to see the undocumented families held there, but defended the conditions in those facilities in front of the United States. to the barrage of criticism of his Government.

Pence toured the Donna detention center near McAllen, Texas, a makeshift camp with white tents, after being instructed by US President Donald Trump to travel to these facilities and take cameras with him to demonstrate the presumed good conditions in which There are immigrants.

"President Trump wanted the cameras to be here so you could see first-hand how the families were being treated," Pence said as he left the center.

"It is very hard to see the families involved in this crisis", he admitted.

The vice president interacted with some of the undocumented detainees, including several children and two women, one from Venezuela and the other from El Salvador, in downtown Donna.

With the help of a translator, Pence asked them where they were from and if they were taking good care of them, to which the women answered yes, and the vice president concluded the conversation with a "may God bless them".

The temperature in the camp was cold and many immigrants were lying on mattresses and covered by thermal blankets, in an atmosphere of silence barely broken by the laughter of some young children, according to one of the journalists who accompanied the vice president, Josh Dawsey of the newspaper The Washington Post.

Pence also spoke with a group of children who watched cartoons on a television, and all of them answered yes when asked if they had food and were taking care of them, although two people shook their heads when asked if they had a place to "clean up" "

The center of Donna has capacity for about a thousand immigrants and this Friday there were about 800, so it does not have the problem of overcrowding, according to official reports and press, there are other facilities, such as Clint (Texas).

Donna's is reputed to be one of the least problematic for being relatively new and Pence planned to visit another detention center in McAllen afterwards.

"Listening to small children say they walked for two or three months to get here breaks the heart of any American," said Pence on the way out.

But the vice president insisted that the solution is to toughen immigration laws to stop "trafficking" networks of people taking advantage of migrants, and accused Democrats of exaggerating problems in detention centers.

"All the families that I have spoken to have told me that they are being taken care of," said Pence, who was accompanied by several Republican senators and also invited Democrats, but they refused to travel with him.

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