Tue. Apr 23rd, 2019

Pelé, successfully operated on a kidney stone

Pelé, successfully operated on a kidney stone

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The Brazilian ex-footballer Edson Arantes do Nascimento, Pelé, was successfully operated on Saturday for the removal of a kidney stone, informed medical sources.

The triple world champion with the Canarinha presents "a good general state of health from the point of clinical visit" and is under observation in a room of the prestigious Israeli Albert Einstein Hospital in Sao Paulo.

"This morning the kidney stone was removed, the procedure was successful and the patient is already in his room", the medical team reported in the last bulletin, which did not specify a discharge date.

For many considered the best player in the world, he was hospitalized last Tuesday in Sao Paulo as soon as he landed in Paris, a city in which he remained for another five days interned by a "severe urine infection that required medical assistance and emergency surgery".

In the Parisian capital he participated in an advertising act with the star of PSG, Mpabbé, but shortly after his meeting he had to be admitted to a clinic where he received treatment for five days. Treated the infection, returned to Brazil and just landed had to be transferred in a wheelchair to Albert Einsten Hospital.

Pele now rests in the hospital room and counts the days to return home.


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