August 9, 2020

Pee in the sea and other things that can be fined on the beach – La Provincia

The beach season is in full swing and the bathers cram the arena to enjoy pleasant days by the sea. With the arrival of summer there are many coastal municipalities that have specific regulations to control the use and enjoyment of its beaches. What these regulations are intended is to guarantee coexistence among bathers and ensure the good condition of the arena. Despite the good intentions of the political leaders in this regard, some of these guidelines cause controversy among citizens. Specifically, the announcement a few years ago of a municipality in Murcia that it would fine those who urinate at sea caused all kinds of criticism.

Pee in the sea

This is the town of San Pedro del Pinatar, where the summer of 2017 announced that they would fine anyone who caught urinating in the water of their beaches with up to 750 euros. This ordinance caused great indignation among the bathers of these sandbanks.

Book site with umbrella


Another practice pursued in numerous sandy areas is that of reserve a place early in the morning by placing an umbrella. A gesture that can carry penalties that amount up to 3,000 euros. This fight is behind the concessions of umbrellas, who fight season after season to get the best places in the Spanish arena.

Ball games


The typical ball games in the sand, whether with paddles, inflatable balls or volleyball are also chased on most beaches. This type of sports can bother bathers, who enjoy the bath peacefully or rest peacefully on their towels in the sand.

Animal entrance


In the same way, there are many beaches where animals are prohibited from entering. The fact of going to the beach with a dog, for example, can be fined with penalties that exceed 700 euros.

Nudism practice


Finally, the practice of nudism It is also persecuted in numerous sandy areas. The undress on the beach and enjoying the company of the sea without clothes is another activity pursued in many municipalities, despite the controversy it generates among lovers of this practice.


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