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Pedrosa and Víctor Sánchez, of holders against Barça outside the list

Pedrosa y Víctor Sánchez, de titulares contra el Barça a fuera de la lista

It's something that Ruby We are accustomed, to leave one player to another one player or another off the list, without it seems that there is a greater reason. The technician usually claims technical decisions. Last week it was the turn of Javi Puado already Álex López. This time it has been Adrià Pedrosa Y Víctor Sánchez.

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Two casualties with echo because both were protagonists in the derby against Barcelona last Saturday. Both were starters and did not perform at a lower level than the rest of the squad. In fact, the young side was one of the best Spanish and Víctor Sánchez one of the supporters of the unusual formation with three power stations.

I promise that Pedrosa's absence has nothing to do with that fact "

However, Pedrosa, at the end of the match, innocently and spontaneously exchanged the shirt with Messi, which led to harsh criticism - especially on social networks - because they consider that the rival, and more after a defeat, should never be paid homage. Or that if it is done, at least not where there are cameras.

Ruby is resounding and he left on Monday that the non-call had something to do with the controversy. Come on, it does not do it as a punishment or as a way to protect it before the possibility of being whistled in Cornellà-El Prat. He explained: "I promise that his absence has nothing to do with that fact. At Camp Nou We took four side because we played with three centers. On Tuesday we will not play with 5 back and there are enough with three sides. I saw him affected but he has everyone's support. You have to know how to overcome these things also tan ".

Pedrosa, a Liga debutant not usual in the starting lineup

The side canterano, despite not being a regular in the eleven Rubi, the last time he was out of a call was on February 9, in the epic victory of Espanyol against Vallecano Ray. He had just recovered from a slight injury. Since then, he had played in the draws against one against Huesca and against the Athletic Club, always coming from substitute. Who, during that time, has been going in and out in a more or less random way has been the left-back left-wing theoretician of Espanyol, Dídac Vilà, who will be against Getafe.

The characteristics of Pedrosa led him to start against Barcelona thanks to playing with three central and two lanes. His extreme speed and offensive vocation was what decided Rubi to line him up in such a difficult field. And it fulfilled. The other times that Dídac was not there, his place was occupied by the captain Javi López to leg changed.

Víctor Sánchez participated actively in the first goal of Barça

For his part, Víctor Sánchez actively participated in the first goal of Barcelona, ​​leaving the doubt to know if it was his own or directly from Messi. The foul was committed by the player and, once it was bitten by the Argentine, he was delayed trying to defend the first suit and with Sergio Busquets clogging his field of vision ended up deflecting the ball with his head. It will remain the doubt of if, of not having touched it, Diego López I had come to catch the ball.

This is one of the seasons with less prominence of Víctor Sánchez since he arrived at Espanyol and is a regular in the rotations. Even so, these sudden rudder changes should not surprise the amateur parakeet, beyond the gossip that will cause the context in which they occur, as it is common in Rubi. To give an example, Alex Lopez, who enters the call, the last minutes he played in the league were on January 27 against Real Madrid. Party in which left the holder after only having played a few minutes against the Real society.

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