Pedroche launches a taunt at Pablo Motos on his return to ‘El Hormiguero’

Cristina Pedroche placeholder image is counting the days to welcome 2021. As always, the dress, outfit or design that will shine on the night of chimesBut we know that whatever you wear, it will be shinier than ever in this difficult year for everyone. The collaborator of TV has uncovered some details of what we are going to see on December 31 on Antena Tres.

As soon as she arrived on the set, Cristina Pedroche surprised all the spectators of the program by wearing a one-piece, stretchy, and fitted jumpsuit to her body that revealed an aesthetic figure of scandal: “This is not the dress of the bells, it could be”.

As soon as he entered the set that he already knows so well, Pedroche has sent a taunt to Pablo Motos: “This is the best entertainment program on television, but You and I will talk about recovering my section “.

As for what the dress will look like on December 31, the collaborator has given us some brushstrokes: “It is not tight, I can sit with it, I can pee with it, I could get inside it if I was eating for days whatever I wanted. This year he wants to give people shine and hope. ”

What the woman of Dabiz Munoz is that he does not read the press the day after giving the Chimes because there are always negative comments about his set: “They would have to enter me if I read the comments the day after the chimes, I start reading it on day 2, 3 … For better or for worse it gets mixed up. If they say how beautiful, how elegant, it would not be me. “The thing that bothers him the most is that they say:” There is no work on the dress. I’ve been working all year and the professionals behind it, there are a lot of people behind … Hair, makeup, shoes or whatever she’s wearing. Everything is well thought out by an eternal group of professionals, like Josie. ”


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