June 23, 2021

Pedro Snchez charge 84,845 euros a year for raising salaries to officials – La Provincia

The salary ofPresident of the Government will go from 82,978.56 euros per year to 84,845.16, so thatPedro Sanchezwill charge 1,800 euros more – a 2.25% increase – annually for thespay of salaries to officials in 2020.

This is established in the royal decree law published on Wednesday in the Official State Gazette (BOE) which approves the rise of at least one2% of the compensation of 2.5 million public employeesfor the year 2020, a figure that may be added up to 1% linked to the evolution of GDP and another 0.3% from additional funds.

The standard published in the BOE also indicates that thesalary of the four vice presidents of the Government rises to 79,746.24 eurosannual compared to 77,991.72 that Carmen Calvo – then only vice president – received in 2019.

For their part, the up18 ministersthat make up the first government of the coalition of democracy in Spain will see how theirsalary stands at 74,858.16 eurosannual compared to 73,211.28 in 2019.

As for the president of the State Council,María Teresa Fernández de la Vega, her salary increases from 82,579.32annual euros up to 84,436.92. As president of the Economic and Social Council, María del Carmen Barrera will charge 92,245.32 euros annually compared to 90,215.88 in 2019.

For these high positions, the fixed amounts are divided into twelve monthly payments, without the right to extraordinary payments, and in addition the remuneration for seniority that could correspond in each case should be added.


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