Pedro Sánchez will take the rise in the price of electricity to the summit of EU leaders

The electricity market is common within the European Union, although each country has its specificities, among other things due to the mix national energy – more or less coal; more or less nuclear; more or less gas …–. But the truth is that there is a community regulatory framework that governs a market that is exploding in many parts of Europe, including Spain.

Pedro Sánchez asks the EU to reform the electricity market and advance energy autonomy in the face of price escalation

Pedro Sánchez asks the EU to reform the electricity market and advance energy autonomy in the face of price escalation

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As a result, the Spanish Government wants to launch the debate on a European scale at the next summit, on October 21 and 22 in Brussels, as announced by the Secretary of State for the EU, Juan González-Barba, upon his arrival at the Council General Affairs in Brussels: “We want a European debate on the energy market as a result of the rise in electricity prices to be included on the agenda of the next European Council.”

“What you want is for there to be a European debate,” González-Barba continued, “to analyze what are the causes of the current rise in prices and what elements of the current regulatory framework for setting prices in the energy market they are susceptible to an improvement within the European approach “.

The proposal, according to González-Barba, has been well received by the Italian Prime Minister, Mario Draghi, among others.

González-Barba also alluded to the non-paper released on Monday by the Economy and Energy Transition, to the “reflection document prepared by the first and third vice-president and which has been sent to the European Commission and on the basis of which the debate that will take place will take place. wants the Prime Minister for the next European Council “.

Indeed, the Vice Presidents of Economic Affairs and Ecological Transition, Nadia Calviño and Teresa Ribera, respectively, have sent a new letter to the European Commission this Monday in which they demand a community solution to the “unprecedented” rise in the price of light, while warning that the current situation puts at risk both the economic recovery and the green transition of the EU.

In addition, the Spanish Government insists to Brussels on the need to reform the operation of the wholesale electricity market and proposes the creation of a centralized platform for gas purchases with the aim of reducing dependency on the block by generating reserves.

“We believe that if the rules of the game are established at the European level, the solutions should also”, says the letter sent to the vice president of the Community Executive for the European Green Deal, Frans Timmermans, the vice president responsible for the Competition portfolio, Margrethe Vestager, and the Energy Commissioner, Kadri Simson.

The letter also stresses that “many” EU countries “are beginning to feel the impact of this unprecedented increase in energy prices” and recall that Spain “has adopted a set of emergency measures” taking into account “the limits of the EU legal framework “.

The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, already pointed to the European sphere last Friday from Athens. “We are all adopting national responses,” Sánchez said at the EU Mediterranean Summit: “But it is a European problem that has to be addressed by the entire European Union.”

The Prime Minister explained that the price of electricity “and its rise is a European problem, not of each country.” And he added: “It is a European problem, so European solutions must be found.”

Sánchez placed the debate in a field that has a lot to do with the discussions in Brussels: strategic autonomy. A strategic autonomy that has to do with reducing dependence on other actors in fundamental matters, be it the manufacture of medicines in the event of a pandemic; the inability to evacuate people from the Kabul airport or, in this case, from the energy markets: “At the European level is where we are going to be able to assert our specific weight in international relations in the face of this strategic autonomy and give more answers efficient at the price of energy “.

Sánchez, in this sense, acknowledged: “We have responded with our national instruments, but if we want a just ecological transition, we must open a European debate on the regulatory framework of electricity markets and think about a strategic autonomy of energy and of natural gas. These are debates that we have raised with the rest of colleagues, and that will be necessary to open in the whole of the EU “.


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