August 4, 2021

Pedro Sánchez, to the critical barons who air the discrepancies: “You have my telephone number”

Pedro Sánchez has shown this Monday his discomfort with the barons of the PSOE who have criticized the Government for the approach to EH Bildu for the General State Budgets. The socialist leader has spoiled the leaders of his party publicly air the discrepancies since he is secretary general and has invited them to give their opinion in private. “You have my phone,” he said during the Executive meeting held this Monday, according to sources present, in which he defended the path that the Executive has taken to try to approve the public accounts and has claimed loyalty to the socialist leaders. Confirmation of the ‘yes’ on the left abertzale last week at the gates of the debate on the amendments to the whole, which was immediately applauded by the second vice president, Pablo Iglesias, has upset a sector of the party, including regional presidents such as Emiliano García-Page and Guillermo Fernández Vara .

Adriana Lastra: "That Bildu supports the accounts is democratic normality and that the nationalist left is in the institutions, a success"

Adriana Lastra: “That Bildu supports the accounts is democratic normality and that the nationalist left is in the institutions, a success”

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In the socialist leadership, the only one of the barons who is present for his position as president of the Federal Policy Council is Extremadura, who was precisely the one who opened fire on this occasion against the agreement with Bildu and considered it to be a “collective failure “that the accounts depend on the left abertzale. During the blended meeting of the Executive, Fernández Vara has tried to explain that he showed his annoyance at the “staging” that Iglesias made of this possible agreement and also that in certain territories this approach takes its toll on the socialists.

Sánchez, who has regretted that the management’s actions are criticized in the media and recalled that there was also a lot of noise with the pact with ERC, has defended the project that the Government is carrying out and the negotiations to move it forward. According to sources present at the meeting, he has defended that the PSOE interact with EH Bildu as one more actor of Parliament in the same line as its number two, Adriana Lastra, in an interview on “That Bildu supports the budgets, or Citizens support them or ERC supports them is part of the democratic normality of this country. The defeat of ETA is a success of the Spanish democrats. It is a success of the Spanish democracy that the abertzale left is in the institutions doing politics “.

Sánchez, who has received the support of the socialist leadership – some of the participants have been even tougher against the barons who have expressed their discomfort with the drift of the Government, according to the sources consulted – has asked his own to support the project regardless of his territory of origin and has assured that he “always belongs to the PSOE” compared to those who claim to be “the usual PSOE” in a reference to the criticism he has received from classical socialists, such as Alfonso Guerra, who in an interview In La Hora de la 1 (TVE) he has assured that there are many people in the party that “many Spaniards and many socialists have a lump in their throats” and are willing to shout: “With Bildu, no, as the president of the Government”. Guerra has been very tough against Sánchez and has warned that any understanding with EH Bildu is “absolutely despicable.”

Another of the leaders who publicly expressed their discomfort was the president of Castilla-La Mancha, Emiliano García-Page, who assured that “Bildu’s does not have a pass.” Although with less harshness than in the past given her weakness after the defeat in the primaries and the subsequent loss of the Junta de Andalucía, Susana Díaz also marked distances with Moncloa. “I do not share anything with Bildu or with Mr. Otegi,” he answered questions from journalists about the approach to training abertzale to which he demanded that he “apologize to the Spaniards, something that has not yet been done in democracy.”

Despite his harmony with the management, the Asturian president, Adrián Barbón, admitted in an interview in Onda Cero that “it is not a dish of good taste” to agree with EH Bildu and showed confidence that the Government can close an agreement with Citizens, although he discharged a good part of the responsibility in the PP.

Although Sánchez is determined to follow the path taken to close the budgets with the allies of the investiture – which includes “normalizing” the negotiation with the left abertzale-, the Secretary of Organization, José Luis Ábalos, has tried to reduce his approach to EH BIldu: “There is no agreement”. “There is no pact – Ábalos has reiterated in a press conference after the Executive of the PSOE-. What there has been is an attitude of a political group that has not joined an amendment to the whole ”. The socialist leader has explained that by the same rule of three it could be said if “there is an agreement of PP and JxCAT of Carles Puigdemont” for jointly supporting the amendments to the whole. “It should not be a coincidence that they are repeated so much,” he has ironized before finishing off that “he does not believe there is” an agreement in that case.

“There is no agreement other than being in the debate on the amendments,” repeated the minister, who has assured that “normalizing” the talks with EH Bildu in the parliamentary sphere does not require an agreement. “It will be in the voting on the amendments regarding investments, expenses and income, which is where the agreement will take place as with the other parliamentary groups. If they are satisfied with the group, they will vote yes or no but that does not require any agreement ”, finished Ábalos, who has come to say that“ the Government cannot renounce the votes of anyone ”, that there is not even“ the mechanism ”for it. .

Ábalos has assured that the work of the Government has been supported within the Executive, although he has admitted that there has been some intervention that has questioned the “set design”, in reference to the Extremaduran president, Guillermo Fernandez Vara. The minister has not wanted to enter to assess the attitude of the second vice president, Pablo Iglesias, regarding the negotiation with EH Bildu and has limited himself to respecting the “strategy” of United We Can as a political force.


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