February 25, 2021

Pedro Sánchez, the president preferred by children

Pedro Sánchez is the president of the Government preferred by Spanish children, who has won even the father of the minors, elected in second place, while the leader of Citizens, Albert Rivera, has taken third place.

They are data from the survey "What do you want to be when you grow up" that every summer is prepared by Adecco and that for the first time reflects that 7.1% of girls want to be footballers, perhaps due to the visibility that women's teams now have in the media of communication and social networks.

The soccer player Leo Messi and the singer Aitana Ocaña are the characters that the children would like to have as bosses (Messi them, with 21.9%, and Aitana them with 12.5%), followed by Arturo Valls for them (9, 4%) and Katy Perry or Shakira, for them (8.5%).

When asked who they would like to have as president of the Government – prior to Sánchez's failed investiture – the children have chosen the socialist leader as the chief executive who they would like to have (12.1% of the boys and 6.5% of the girls) versus the option of "my father" (8.5% and 9.7% them) and Albert Rivera (9.1% and 5.4%).

One more year, children dream of being footballers (one in four), police (15.6%), teachers (12.5%), doctors (6.3%) and youtubers (5.9%) and they teachers (one in five), doctors (16.7%), hairdressers (12.1%), veterinarians (10.5%) and soccer players (7.1%).

Spanish children believe that the vital purpose of people when choosing a job is to help others (43.8%), while girls think that the goal is to earn money (40.6%).

The youngest have also had proposals for the new Government asking to raise wages (16.7%), favor work and personal conciliation (14.6%) and create more and better jobs (13.5%).

Asked about their ideal salary, they want millionaire salaries, although some girls have been more vindictive: "I want to earn the same as a man who does the same job as me" and others more altruistic: "I want to earn about 399 euros a month."

By the end of their working life children choose to "rest (18.2%), an option that appears for the first time at the top of the ranking, spend time with the family (15.6%), travel (15.2% ) and engage in household chores (9.1%).

They, on the other hand, choose to spend time with the family (one in four), followed by knowing the world (18.8%), resting (14.7%), having fun (12.2%) or volunteering (10 ,4 %).

To prepare the XV Survey "What do you want to be when you grow up?" Adecco has interviewed about 1,800 children from all over Spain between 4 and 16 years old in order to get their opinion on the situation of the labor market and political and social news.

Thus, before the question of what has been the most important news of the year, a third have responded that they do not see the news, that they no longer remember or that they are not interested, and 18.8% have considered the elections to be, change of mayor, the rise of Vox, "the thing of Catalonia" or "the flight of Puigdemont".

Another novelty is that, for the first time, housework is an option more considered by boys than by girls, an answer that, however, does not reflect a real breakthrough since 56.3% ensures that Only their mothers make them, 40.6% say their parents share them and 3.1% say they are only made by their father.

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