August 5, 2020

Pedro Sánchez press conference with Merkel in Berlin



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19.10End of appearance
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19.08Sánchez avoids questions after the interview with Merkel
The Prime Minister will not answer questions and ends the appearance. Sánchez continues his tour of the European capitals, which will still take him to Sweden and, finally, to France. Yesterday he met with Mark Rutte, Dutch Prime Minister.

19.05Sánchez warns that we will have to give an answer to the challenges
There is NO room for questions, but Sánchez acknowledges that answers will not only be needed at the national level to fight the pandemic but at the European level.

19.03Sánchez: “The European Union has never been built with vetoes”
The Prime Minister recalls that responses such as the Sure program or bailout funds are already being given and does not hesitate to speak of “a very difficult negotiation: The EU has never been built with vetoes.”

19.02Sánchez supports the German presidency of the EU
Pedro Sánchez started by remembering the victims of the coronavirus and congratulated that Merkel presides over the EU this semester and asks that the EU also look towards Africa


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