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Pedro Sánchez opens to incorporate members of United Podemos to the Council of Ministers

Pedro Sánchez has raised Pablo Iglesias restart conversations for the investiture that will be celebrated in twelve days after having failed the "method" that they have followed in the last two months. The acting president proposes that the negotiating teams of PSOE and United We can first address the programmatic agreement and leave for the end the composition of the Government, which is where the main stumbling block lies. Sanchez is willing to incorporate members of the confederal group to the Council of Ministers, as confirmed by socialist sources at eldiario.es.

The socialist leadership would open to accepting in the cabinet United leaders We may have more technical than political characteristics. These names would have to be raised by the group of churches and have the approval of the president. The same sources suggest that Sánchez would close the door to Iglesias and to leaders with a clear political profile to avoid that the "fundamental discrepancies" in State affairs make the Executive fly through the air. In Moncloa they are willing to accept United Ministers We can be limited to their areas of action.

The idea was anticipated by José Luis Ábalos on May 30 by discarding a coalition, but not incorporating Podemos members into the government. What they defend in the PSOE is that the cabinet has a socialist stamp and, in no case, incorporate the general secretary of another party. The formula is similar to that of the Basque Government, where PNV and PSE govern in coalition, but the leader and candidate of the Socialists, Idoia Mendia, is outside the Executive.

"I do not have any prejudice, neither with militants nor with members of Unidas Podemos or their confluences, I made a government twelve months ago where more than a third are people of recognized prestige, independent who have nothing to do with a political affiliation to the PSOE, and that was rewarded by the citizenship, I proposed a government open to citizenship and not closed to the partisan logic that, in some way, is what can be proposed through a coalition government ", explained Sanchez on TVE this Thursday.

"If United we can have an approach similar to this, I would be willing to open it, because we can do many things together, but there are central elements of State policy that require internal cohesion that right now, because of the discrepancies we have with United We can , we can not guarantee, "added the President of the Government.

The difficulties that Catalonia embodies

The main problem that Sanchez sees to incorporate prominent members of the United We Can dome is that there will end up being "two governments", as he expressed in the interview on Telecinco, especially in matters of State in which you want to have a single voice, such as the territorial conflict. "Internal cohesion not only implies policies such as social policies, but also state policies in which we have very serious discrepancies," he insisted on Thursday on TVE.

Sánchez sees insufficient the promise of "loyalty" to the Catalan conflict that Iglesias has formulated through the media but that has also moved him in his private conversations. "If, unfortunately, in this legislature, before the doors of a Supreme Court ruling, in a few months the separatists are going to do something like what they did, ¿Podemos Podemos will support the government in the hypothetical application of 155? in a government that applies 155, that should apply it, would it be in a government that believes that there are no political prisoners but political prisoners for having allegedly committed illegalities? "Sanchez reflected in Los Desayunos de TVE.

"It is clear that there are differences and discrepancies in the background that would make a government of these characteristics proposed by Podemos be paralyzed by these internal contradictions," Sánchez added. In Moncloa they consider that a coalition with the leaders of the two parties would explode in the first disagreement before the sovereignty process: "It would restrain the Government in two months". And with that premise, the fear of the socialists is to have to go back to the polls with an unrecoverable crisis on the left.

The proposal of the candidate for the investiture is to resume talks with Unidas Podemos to first face the programmatic agreement and leave the composition of the Government for the end. However, after the phone call he has had with Iglesias this Thursday the positions have remained intact. "Pedro Sánchez remains unmoved in his position," they assured from Unidas Podemos, "He is not willing to negotiate the program of a coalition government or to share government responsibilities with the United We can be proportional to the votes."

The talks between PSOE and Unidas Podemos remain in standby practically from the beginning "stuck" in the composition of the Council of Ministers. According to the Socialists, Iglesias has claimed a vice-presidency from the start and also the Ministries of Finance and Labor. In Unidas Podemos they deny it, although they do recognize that they have claimed the presence of Iglesias in the cabinet. In addition, they indicate that the acting president proposed to them to preside over the Congress and areas of Commerce and Youth in the Executive. However, the PSOE denies that there has been a formal offer of ministries beyond a "trial" to explore the starting positions.

If the blockade persists, Sanchez will go back to a failed investiture. Iglesias is convinced that in September the Socialists will loosen up while the PSOE warns that "there are not two opportunities". They do not intend to move anymore. On the horizon, the date of November 10, when the elections would be held again. In Moncloa they say they do not want to reach that point, although they also say they do not fear the polls, which they believe could benefit them. United We can know that the future is played, but also warns that the PSOE is playing the Government that recovered a year ago after eight power of the PP.

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