July 29, 2021

Pedro Sánchez now "hand" Pablo Casado to reach agreements after having broken with him

Pedro Sánchez now "hand" Pablo Casado to reach agreements after having broken with him

Pedro Sanchez again "hand" Pablo Casado three weeks after having broken relations with the head of the opposition for accusing him of being "responsible for the coup d'état" in Catalonia. After the rupture, PP and PSOE have agreed on the renewal of the General Council of the Judiciary.

"If you, from moderation, dialogue, are willing to sit down, we hold out your hand," the president told Casado during the government control session in which the leader of the PP has reproached him for not having he took heed in his proposal to reach State agreements on matters such as the application of 155 or to elaborate some General Budgets of the State.

Casado has accused Sánchez of suffering "dissociation of personalities" for defending different things in the opposition and in the Government. He reminded him that he saw "very clearly" a crime of rebellion in Catalonia while he then gave orders to the State Bar to withdraw that accusation against pro-independence politicians.

The leader of the PP has ruffled that Sanchez "is not the same person" and has put the emphasis on public accounts, as the socialist criticized Mariano Rajoy did not present them and summoned him to submit to a question of confidence if not the He pushed forward while now opening the door to an extension.

Sanchez has reiterated his commitment to present the budget project in Congress before the end of the year. "Do you remember when the previous government presented? April 3. I still have four months," he replied to Casado. However, he has reassured parliamentary headquarters that "before the end of the year this government will comply and work on time to present the budgets that this country needs." However, Sanchez's parliamentary allies have already slammed their accounts.

"Pay attention to the other Pedro Sánchez, introduce yourself to the elections and introduce the two of us who will win the Spaniards by expelling them from the government," Casado told him. "I do not know how fast you and your party have to lose an election," said Sanchez, who has extended his hand to Casado and has recommended that he abandon the tension: "If he continues with the opposition of gesticulation, he will pay at the polls "

"You can not sip and blow at the same time," Sanchez told the PP and the pro-independence, and regrets that the conservatives accuse him of being "accomplices of the independence" while the pro-independence they reproach him is the lasso of the " repression of the Catalan people ".

In the response to the ERC spokesperson, Sánchez has had to defend the agreement reached with the PP to renew the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ) despite the criticism of the associations of judges and parties as Citizens and the independence forces to give the name of the new president of the governing body of the judges before even their vowels have been chosen.

"The Constitution establishes that the CGPJ renews the legislative power and that is what has been done. What he does not recognize is the interference of the executive power in the judicial power, "the head of the government replied to the deputy of ERC, Joan Tardà, who has denounced the" pastry "between the Executive and the PP of Casado.

The independentist parliamentarian has asked Sanchez to "apologize" for his agreement with the popular and, in addition, "ask for the resignation" of the current president of the CGPJ, Carlos Lesmes, for the actions of the Spanish justice against Catalan separatist leaders . "If not, we will not leave this dunghill," Tardà said. The chief executive has replied that "Spain is a democratic state of law" and has criticized the ERC deputy criticizing the "judicialization" of the policy while asking the government to "politicize justice."


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