Wed. Jan 29th, 2020

Pedro Sánchez has to accept a coalition government

The general coordinator of IU and deputy of Podemos Podemos, Alberto Garzón, has asked this Friday the president of the acting Government, Pedro Sánchez, to "accept a coalition government, because this is the demand of United We can".

Before opening the sessions of the IU Summer School in La Granja (Segovia), Garzón insisted to reporters that "if Sanchez wants an agreement, there will be", although he regretted that "everything depends on one person" .

Asked about his impression of what may happen in the next few hours, the IU leader has indicated that his wish is for there to be an agreement, "but seen how the PSOE is doing, delaying the times, the tendency is to repeat elections ".

Garzón has advocated that the situation change, and United We can "convince the PSOE and Sanchez that agreement must be made." "There is still a weekend," he said.

According to the general coordinator of IU, in case there is a new election date, the formation will advocate reissuing the unit lists with Podemos, in order to "regain the confidence of the people who voted for us and try to get the support from more citizens that we hope they don't stay at home. "

In Garzón's opinion, "society is fed up, it is frustrated, many things can happen, Susana Díaz had the best polls when she called elections and, two or three months later, the Andalusian government fell into the hands of reactionary rights manifesting something that they had not planned any survey. "

Analyzing the negotiations, Garzón said that "the attempts of United We can reach an agreement have been numerous", so they have "demonstrated extraordinary generosity", although they have met "with the closed door of the PSOE and with excuses after excuses. "

He has asked the PSOE, from IU, "to make a final effort in response to logical demands, such as that Pedro Sánchez and Pablo Iglesias feel at the same table, to finish closing some fringes that are probably not many, so that there is an agreement ".

However, Garzón has insisted that "it is clear that a part of the PSOE, which represents Pedro Sánchez at least, seems headed for elections, perhaps thinking that the Socialists will do better, which is a serious irresponsibility."

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