Pedro Sánchez goes to Wanda

The acting President of the Government goes to the box of a football stadium for the first time

Pedro Sanchez He did not want to miss the great match between Atlético de Madrid and Barcelona. The acting President of the Government, fan of the rojiblanco set, go for the first time to the box of a football stadium to witness a league match. The leader of the PSOE, more fond of basketball, has not come since he is president to any match of a Spanish team. In 2015, when he was the leader of the opposition, he even said that he would decline an invitation to go to the Bernabéu box. This Sunday he skipped his word.

Along with Pedro Sánchez are the presidents of: Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Congo, Brazzaville, Nauru and also the president of the House of Representatives of the United States, Nancy Pelosy. In addition, the prime ministers of: -Greece -Poland -Norway -Montenegro -Cook Islands


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