June 23, 2021

Pedro Sánchez flies the flag of the welfare state and promises to strengthen health when the crisis ends

Pedro Sánchez has made a fierce defense of the need to have a solid welfare state, based on a fair fiscal system, that allows facing crisis situations such as the one that has arisen from the coronavirus. In this sense, it has especially raised the flag of public health, pledging to reinforce it when this emergency situation passes. He has also insisted on the need for companies to maintain employment levels and the productive fabric so that the way out of the economic crisis that will result from the pandemic is resolved quickly. In an unusual plenary session, with little presence of the groups beyond the spokespersons and a handful of deputies, the president has asked all parties for support for the “Reconstruction” General State Budgets that he will take to Congress when the health crisis passes. : “Time will have to make opposition”.

“More welfare state is more security and more collective protection,” Sánchez defended in his appearance to be held accountable for the declaration of the state of alarm as well as to explain the measures that the Government has so far implemented to deal with the coronavirus. . Thus, it has defended the mobilization of up to 200,000 million -117,000 of them public- of resources to alleviate the social and economic effects of the pandemic.

Sánchez has especially defended public health as a “containment dam” for the virus that “has overflowed” the forecasts of all the organizations, including the World Health Organization, as he explained. And that is why it has made a future commitment to the system: “When this emergency situation happens, which is going to happen, the Government will launch a study commission that analyzes the health situation and will prepare a white paper in order to make the changes. and adjustments that may prove necessary. ”

The President has admitted that the Spanish GDP will be reduced and that his economic forecasts will have to be modified. That is why it has once again demanded that companies maintain “employment levels” and preserve the productive fabric so that there is a “rapid recovery” of the economy. In the package of measures approved by the Council of Ministers this Tuesday, the State endorsement is included a credit line of up to 100,000 million for companies, as well as some measures to workers, salaried and self-employed. The goal, he said, is “to prevent a temporary crisis from becoming permanent.”

Call for support for “reconstruction” budgets

As he did in his press conference on Tuesday, Sánchez has confirmed his change of plans regarding the General State Budgets, which will take to Congress once the pandemic passes and the effects it leaves on the economy are known. He has insisted that they will be national “reconstruction” accounts. That is why it has asked all parties to second them.

“We are talking about rebuilding our country. There will be time to oppose it. We will be at the beginning of the legislature,” Sánchez said before a practically empty chamber in which he was accompanied by Vice President Carmen Calvo, and the ministers Salvador Illa, Fernando Grande-Marlaska. , José Luis Ábalos and Margarita Robles. The president had already said at the beginning of the appearance that in front of COVID-19 “unity of action” and being “above the initials” are required.


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