Pedro Sánchez defends the Recovery Plan as the "greatest investment in history" against rural depopulation

The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, said today that thanks to the Recovery Plan, "the greatest investment in history" will be able to be undertaken to "value the rural world" and to fight against depopulation. In an event in La Moncloa with mayors of small municipalities, Sánchez has defended the Plan of Measures against the Demographic Challenge, approved on March 16 with a budget of 10 billion euros from European funds, as an unprecedented opportunity to address the "territorial social cohesion" of the peoples.

The confusion between neglect of services and depopulation in 'empty Spain': "Politicians believe that money can solve everything"

The confusion between neglect of services and depopulation in 'empty Spain': "Politicians believe that with money everything can be solved"

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In the event, under the title 'Peoples with a Future' and which has also had the intervention of the Minister of Ecological Transition, Teresa Ribera, as well as several mayors and referents of small municipalities, the president has shelled some of the 130 measures of this plan, which, as specified, "has the objective of guaranteeing equal rights in the provision of services, the fight against depopulation, the creation of entrepreneurial opportunities and the promotion of economic activity."

Sánchez has listed some of the main challenges that, in his opinion, the rural world faces, such as "population loss", "population dispersion", low density and the aging of rural areas. "Only 12.7% of the surface of our country is populated. 42% of municipalities are at risk of depopulation, an incidence well above the average for the euro area. We have 3,400 municipalities at risk of depopulation, "he enumerated, before addressing other problems such as poor connectivity in rural areas or the deepening of the gender gap.

"We are facing the moment to tackle these challenges in a committed way, to tackle new ways of life, to open ourselves to telework, to sustainable tourism, to the development of renewable energies and the incorporation of citizens into rural life", pointed out Sánchez , to detail below some of the Government's plans in this line: "What we are doing is proposing the following paths: self-consumption facilities, tourism sustainability programs, approval of a law for remote work."

The President of the Executive has insisted that "Europe is giving us 8,131 opportunities with the transformation plan", in reference to the number of Spanish municipalities. "They are opportunities for hope and we are not going to waste any of them. We cannot face this fight from individual solutions. We are not going to leave anyone behind in this transformation process," Sánchez concluded.

Plantón of the mayors of the PP: "It is one more pantomime"

The mayors, presidents of the Provincial Council, councilors and provincial deputies of the PP have refused to attend the presentation of the Government: "They want our support for a Plan in which, during its processing, they have not wanted to have our opinion," said the mayor de Celadas (Teruel) and vice president of the Depopulation Commission of the FEMP, Raquel Clemente, in statements collected by Europa Press. "It is one more pantomime of the Executive of Sánchez," he said.

The 'popular' have declined this invitation because they consider that not going to La Moncloa today means demonstrating their "tiredness" towards an Executive "who has abandoned local entities since the beginning of the pandemic." For this reason, they have signed a document in which they explain the reasons for their rejection and affirm that the fight against depopulation within the European Union "is that policies of real impact cannot be made in the territory, without the territory, and its legitimate representatives ".


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