“Pedro Sánchez cannot allow himself to lie to the face of his voters”

The second vice president and candidate of United We Can to the Community of Madrid, Pablo Iglesias, has been convinced that his position regarding the regulation of rents will end up imposing on the proposal of the Socialists to lower prices through a system tax incentives for homeowners. “It is signed on a piece of paper. Pedro Sánchez cannot allow himself to lie to the face of his voters who are going to tell him: what is this about favoring large property owners and dancing to the sound of real estate companies? They are going to try to bend our arms. , but I already tell you that they are not going to get it, “he said in an interview on TVE’s Las Cosas Claras.

Pablo Iglesias demands that the PSOE include the regulation of rents in the housing law: "What is signed, is fulfilled"

Pablo Iglesias demands that the PSOE include the regulation of rents in the housing law: “What is signed, is fulfilled”

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The housing battle threatens to continue during the Madrid electoral campaign due to the total disagreement between the PSOE and United We Can for now. The socialists trust that those of Iglesias end up assuming their base proposal, on which they are willing to introduce specific changes. However, the leader of United We Can makes it clear that it will not move an iota of what is contained in the programmatic agreement that he and Sánchez sealed. “Pedro Sánchez has signed a paper with me saying that rents must be regulated. The socialist bases themselves are not going to allow the president to lie to their faces,” he insisted.

On the proposal of tax incentives of up to 90% discount for the reduction of 10% of the rental price that the department of José Luis Ábalos has formulated, Iglesias has made his own reading: “With little money from the citizens, pay the large landowners.” That proposal, he said, will under no circumstances have the support of United We Can, which is why he has predicted that this would lead the PSOE to remove the housing law with the PP, something that, in his opinion, the socialists cannot afford because it would give them the hegemony of the left.

His departure from the Government opens a new stage that is still uncertain. On the one hand, the Socialists consider that the day-to-day within the coalition will be calmer, at least than it has been so far outside, although they also fear that Iglesias will take advantage of being outside the cabinet to wear down Pedro Sánchez’s men even more. In Jesús Cintora’s interview, Iglesias has influenced the differences between the PSOE and United We Can, although he has predicted that the coalition will last the entire term and that there will be no electoral advance that has been flying over since Ayuso called the Madrid elections: “Know what It may happen next year is difficult, but my impression is that there will not be any. I think we will exhaust the legislature. My forecast is that it will. ”

In addition to the discrepancy regarding the limitation of rent prices, Iglesias has also anticipated that there will be a battle to repeal the labor reform, although he has assured that it will be carried out. The still vice president of the Government has anticipated that the “CEOE is going to be like a cat belly up” before these changes and has even been convinced that the socialist part of the Government “is going to work more” in some moments with the employer’s association than with the minority partner.

He has also harshly attacked the regional president, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, for whom he has predicted a dire judicial future. “It is more than likely that when Mrs. Ayuso is really investigated she will be charged and end up in prison,” he stated in the interview in which he assured that it is “a danger to democracy” that “these people” govern in reference to PP and Vox. “When we say that the PP is synonymous with delinquency and crime, we are telling the truth because the judges say so,” Iglesias said.

Iglesias has been hopeful in the Madrid elections and, although he has acknowledged that it is difficult, he believes that “there is a party” for the left to seize power from the PP. In fact, he has even said that he sees himself as the winner of the elections. “Whoever is thinking about scenarios of defeat that does not appear,” said Iglesias, asked about Ayuso’s augury that the Madrid elections will be the end: “” That I am finished, they have told me many times in recent years – he has expressed -. Maybe that arrogance means that on May 4 those who are finished are her and the extreme right. ”

What he has taken for granted is that Ciudadanos will stay out of the Madrid Assembly. Iglesias believes that his candidacy can serve to mobilize the left-wing electorate so that the three candidacies join after having stayed on the verge of taking power from the PP in the last two autonomous elections. He has also warned that in the next month and a half there will be a “display of lies” in fear that they may win.

The secretary general of Podemos has defended his candidacy as a “team” decision to avoid the “terrible” scenario of Ayuso remaining in power. “You had to show your face,” said Iglesias, who believes that “everyone” has to “play” where they can “be more useful.” “I am from Madrid and an anti-fascist,” reiterated the vice president, who has ensured that profiles such as Yolanda Díaz – whom he is already promoting as a candidate in the general elections to be president – or Irene Montero can “take the project further” than what he has done.

Robles on Belarra: “I only know her tweets”

On the other hand, the Minister of Defense, Margarita Robles, has once again made clear her distance with the minority partner and, specifically, with the Secretary of State for the 2030 Agenda that, will happen to replace Iglesias as Minister of Social Affairs, in addition to maintaining that portfolio, according to the agreement closed last Tuesday with the president.

“I do not know her, I know her through the tweets,” he said about the leader of United We Can, who has been especially belligerent with Robles through the social network. “I hope that if she is finally a minister, which is a decision that the president of the Government has to make, since she can have a management and we can judge her by a management – she has continued in statements to journalists in Salamanca-. I have so far I only know his tweets. ”


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