July 29, 2021

Pedro Sánchez assures that his Government will recover the figure of forced retirement

Pedro Sánchez assures that his Government will recover the figure of forced retirement


The president of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, advanced yesterday that the Executive will promote the recovery of forced retirements by age within the framework of collective agreements, for the purpose of tackle precariousness and the current duality ». The chief executive indicated that "we are going to recover the value of collective bargaining and forced retirement by age. In this way, Sánchez wants to recover the figure of the forced retirement established by the collective agreements, which was modified in the 2012 reform and which established as null any type of clause "that establishes the obligation to retire from workers".

The rule promoted by the Government of Mariano Rajoy it did not include retroactivity for all workers included in collective agreements prior to Act 3/2012, but the it left without effect for the new agreements collective, so the idea is that new workers who were incorporated could not already benefit from the figure forced retirement and lengthen your retirement age in order to contribute more years to Social Security.

This and other labor measures such as the compulsory registration of schedules, which are included in what he called his "change agenda", were presented in his speech at an event organized by the newspaper "Expansión", and he hopes to implement them in the coming months, Indian.

Collective negotiation

Regarding the latter, he said that its implementation aims avoid business abuses and facilitate the resolution of discrepancies. Sánchez also referred to his intention to recover the value of collective bargaining and reinforce the causality of temporary hiring, as well as the announced desire of the Government of reduce the number of hirings to three: one undefined, one temporary and one of training or relief. However, this last aspect was included in the PSOE's electoral program.

In the same way, he bet reduce substantially the number of bonuses and deductions for hiring, leaving only those that affect the most vulnerable and needy groups, reports Efe. Your "change agenda" also includes before the end of the year a shock plan for young employment, placing emphasis on the improvement of digital skills and foreign language skills.

According to the Vocational training, his Executive prepares an upcoming law in order to develop the model of FP dual, incorporating companies through flexible formulas and creating consortiums throughout the national territory.



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