May 11, 2021

Pedro Sánchez and the Falcon of Playmobil, the new viral meme in the networks

Pedro Sánchez and the Falcon of Playmobil, the new viral meme in the networks

One of the best virtues that we Spaniards have is to make funny memes that turn viral, ironising situations as famous as the cost of Pedro Sanchez's trip in Falcon to attend the International Festival of Benicàssim. The reactions to the cost of the journey that the Government made official were not going to take long to appear on social networks and one of them is this funny montage in which it is ironic with the toy that is going to devastate this Christmas. The mentioned toy is the Falcon of Playmobil that includes the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, along with his wife, Begoña Gómez, and his pet.

Twitter users have frivolizado with the 283 euros of the cost of the trip to the FIB and have flooded the famous social network of reactions. From users who laugh with the assembly to others who have advised the President of Extremadura, Guillermo Fernández Vara, to ask the President of the Government for the official plane to not have to use the train between the autonomous community and Madrid. In addition, the meme has reached the upper echelons of the Popular Party and have been added to become more viral because the Deputy in the Congress of Deputies, Rafael Hernando, has published a tweet that ironized with this photo.

The Presidency of the Government informed through an official document that the plane trip of the Armed Forces that Pedro Sánchez made last July to Castellón to attend the International Festival of Benicássim (FIB) cost only 282.92 euros as a formal response to the request of the Valencian PP consultant, Luis Salom, to know the cost of the trip, based on the Transparency Law.


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