Tue. Apr 7th, 2020

Pedro Piqueras reappears on Telecinco with a message about the coronavirus

Pedro Piqueras He returned this Monday to present the evening edition of the newscast of Telecinco after one week and a half of absence in which Isabel Jiménez has been in charge of driving individually the news space. And he did it on a particularly hard day due to the number of infections and deaths from coronavirus in Spain.

“The data is bad,” he began by saying Pedro Piqueras The start of this newsletter that meant his return to the small screen. “But the most painful thing,” he continued, “is what the Defense Minister has said:‘The Army has found dead in the nursing homes, alive and dead in the same space. ’

“It’s maddening”

Some facts before which he could not avoid imposing a serious, sad complexion, as he pointed out: “The sick keep coming and filling Madrid hospitals”. A situation that for the host of the Telecinco newscast is “desperate”. However, the journalist also wanted to emphasize the other side of the coin in these hard times.

Being at home is what we must do so that this is not a mortandad ”, asked viewers to gather every day in front of the small screen to find out about the last hour of this pandemic that is taking the lives of thousands of people around the world. “We will all continue to fight, each time with more force, more and more united against this epidemic until we defeat it,” Piqueras concluded.

Pedro Piqueras, in Informativos Telecinco

Pedro Piqueras, in Informativos Telecinco

The return to the small screen of Pedro Piqueras in the evening edition of Informativos Telecinco accumulated a total of 3,197,000 viewers and a 16.2% share of the screen, proclaiming itself leader in front of the rest of the offers. In the second instance, Antena 3, which accumulated a total of 2,915,000 viewers and a 14.5% share. TVE, for its part, added 2,692,000 people and a 13.3% share.

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