Pedro Guerra makes a tour in the Canary Islands within the Mar Abierto 2021 Festival

Pedro Guerra makes a tour in the Canary Islands within the Mar Abierto 2021 Festival

Pedro Guerra makes a tour in the Canary Islands within the Mar Abierto 2021 Festival

Mar Abierto begins the 2021 season, in which it celebrates its 15th Anniversary, with one of the best voices in the history of Canarian music, Pedro Guerra, who arrives on the islands after presenting his new work Trip. The artist will start his mini Canarian tour on La Palma on June 19 and then will offer concerts at the Tenerife Auditorium, on July 15, and at the Alfredo Kraus Auditorium in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria on July 17. Tickets for the three concerts will soon be on sale on the web

In the words of the artist himself, Trip It began two years ago, when “Pablo Cebrián and I decided to get together, at first, to compose songs and later, to work together on what would be my eighteenth album. We had known each other for a long time, but not as well as we would end up knowing each other from then on. As he narrates, the connection and understanding that existed from the first moment, “paved the way for us to take two years to make The Journey in a slow, conscious and dedicated way.”

The roadmap was clear: “visit those decisive sound universes throughout my career and give them the necessary modern touch; Thus, in El Viaje Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Cuba, the Canary Islands, pop, charango, timple, classical guitar and programming, Cuban tres and electric guitars, drums and drums from the folklore of the Islands coexist. … ”Says Pedro Guerra.

Likewise, the artist insists that they say that Fellini always had in mind to make a film that would be called Mastorna’s Journey and in that effort, he ended up filming all his films, but never the one so thought and desired. “This is the motivation for the song El Viaje, which gives this album its title. Because this is not the trip that we think and desire, it is Trip that we finally live. The Journey of Love: Heads and Cross, When You Are Not Around; The Journey of Life: The Journey, You and I (made in the company of my admired Manuel Carrasco); The Memory Journey: Alzheimer; The Journey to our ancestors: Delicacy; The Inner Journey: Traces, Crossing An Island; The Outside Journey: I pray; The Journey of Empathy and Solidarity (that journey we want for all people): Espejo, La Arena Del Circo, Sueño and Arrorró Para Un Miliciano; and finally, The serene and pleasant journey that I hope you will make when you listen to this album ”, concludes the artist.

All these sensations and emotions that the artist narrates can be enjoyed live in any of the three concerts that will be offered in the Canary Islands. Mar Abierto’s programming includes José Luis Perales and Bonnie Tyler in 2021, whose tickets are already on sale. Soon, the rest of the programming will be announced in a very special year for the whole world of Culture.


Pedro Guerra was born in Güímar (Santa Cruz de Tenerife) June 2, 1966. At the age of 14 he wrote his first song and at 16 he began to sing on various stages in the Canary Islands. Between 1985 and 1993 he was part of the Canarian Song Workshop. In 1993 he moved to Madrid and began his solo career. He has made eighteen record works among which the following stand out: Candies (nineteen ninety five), Root (1999), Offering (2001), Daughters of Eva (2002) and the last two edited in 2016: Stockholm Burns and 14 of a Hundred Flying of 14 (Pedro puts music to 14 Sabina sonnets performed by some thirty artists).

Pedro’s closest approach to poetry was his hand in hand with the Poet Ángel González: The word in the air (2003) and the musicalization of nine sonnets for the work Sonetos y Poemas para la Libertad by Miguel Poveda. In 1994 he received the Ondas Award for the best song of the year for Contamíname in the version of Víctor Manuel and Ana Belén. In 1999 he received the Music Award for Best OST for Mararía and has been nominated for a Latin Grammy on three occasions, the last one in 2016 for Best Album by Songwriter for Arde Stockholm. Reissue of his first solo album (1994) Golosinas in 2018 remastered and with the collaborations of Pablo López, Juanes and Vanesa Martín, …

On May 14, 2021 his new album EL VIAJE produced by Pablo Cebrián went on sale, with the special collaboration of Manuel Carrasco in the song Tu y YO presentation song of the album.


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