Pedro Flores opens in Argentina with 'Coser para otros'

Pedro Flores (left) next to a copy of 'Coser para la calle', together with Frank González, at the 2018 presentation at Rodríguez Quegles. / C7

The Marcava label publishes the collection of poems, titled in Spain 'Coser para la calle' with which it won the José Hierro National Award in 2017

Victoriano Suarez Alamo

One of the most valued stops within the literary universe of the Gran Canarian poet Pedro Flores is already passing through Argentine bookstores and libraries. The Editorial Wordava has just published in this South American country the volume entitled
'Sew for others'a collection of poems that was published in Spain in 2017 with the original title of
'Sewing for the street', hand in hand in the Popular University Literary Collection and after achieving the
prestigious José Hierro National Award.

The interest in the poetry that is currently being written on the islands by the Editorial Wordava, based in Santa Fe but distributed throughout the country by the Albiceleste soccer team, is not new. Already in 2021 he published the poems
'wonder'of the grancanarian poet
Silvia Rodriguezwho had previously won the 24th María del Villar Poetry Prize from the Navarrese town of Tafalla, who had previously won the 24th María del Villar Poetry Prize.

The Argentine publishing house notes on this collection of poems by Pedro Flores that the island writer proposes
«unpublished poetic sides, crazy challenges, while inventing a new way of writing». And she exemplifies it with an excerpt from 'Sewing for others': «When they ask me about my job, I lie. /I say I am the demolitions man, / the flea exterminator, / the junkman, / the sharpener, / the flea breeder. /All the trades I dreamed of having./ But I have to settle for this. /With this old habit of lying».

Wordava concludes his assessment in the following way: «The poet positions himself from a disadvantage: he seeks to grasp the world that surrounds him with the usual words, but remixed, extracting from them the core of madness
the marrow of the impossibleto transgress like this in all its forms, as the best poetry demands”, he assures about this work by the author of titles such as 'Poetry must be like the bullet that killed Kennedy', 'The last hook of Kid Failure', ' Diary of the werewolf and other carnivorous poems (Anthology of love poetry)', 'No coins for the hero's eyes',
'The Gift of Poverty' and 'Memoirs of the Blacksmith of Nod'among many others.

your own vision

«I conceive poetry as if I were sewing for the street. I sew and unsew constantly. It is a metaphor of how I understand this trade », Pedro Flores himself pointed out in the pages of CANARIAS7 before the presentation of 'Coser para la calle' in the capital of Gran Canaria in 2018. He also pointed out that this book was born from his own obsessions . «
When you have been in this business for a few years, you do not need specific sources of information. I have my obsessions. I focus on things such as the passage of time, the past as a pending account and the epic of everyday life, more among those who preceded me than in myself », he underlined.

The Palacete Rodríguez Quegles was the place chosen for a presentation that featured the expert voice of the
curator, art critic and also writer Frank González. In that act he pointed out that 'Coser para la calle' «brings us back to the most cinematographic Flores. A Spanish film about a country of wolves and caines of which he already pointed out ways in his collection of poems 'As the air passes on the back of a beast' (2014) ». And he added that «'Coser para la calle' is an album of black and white photographs of a quiet and poor Spain that we had not yet finished forgetting when the Great Recession knocked on the door. A Spain of silences and clothes shared with older brothers.
A Spain that separated the picón from the lentils at the kitchen table, in the warmth of the home. Under a single light bulb.

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