March 1, 2021

Pedro Duque: "Why recover scientists without a base to offer them" – La Provincia

"Why recover scientists without a structural basis to offer them. There must be the key and not to recover for the mere fact of doing so to those who will leave again if the university that must absorb them fails." He said the Minister of Science, Innovation and Universities, Pedro Duque, as part of the summary of his quick visit yesterday to Tenerife, specifically, the Astrophysical Institute of the Canary Islands to know its annual balance and, subsequently, to the University of La Laguna.

"If it were for what they have shown me today, the IAC and the first company emerged from the work of graduates of the ULL, the spin off 3D technology Wooptix would say that the Canary Islands are superpunter in science. But it will be necessary to see the average ". On his tour he was accompanied by the rector Lagunera, Rosi Aguilar, who requested the minister – acting, but minister after all for a land used to ask the representatives of the central power, that is Madrid– know the roadmap of the project Open Science, the direct disclosure to society without the need to pass the sieve of the scientific publication. For now you must wait until September.

For a little more than an hour, Duke spoke with the rector, who after sharing a place in the IAC Council received him at the gates of the central building before beginning the dialogue in the main hall between portraits – many but demanding – of his predecessors in the position. There he informed him about the main strategic lines of the center he directs in the field of research, based on three pillars: the improvement by the transfer of knowledge, the increase in the collection of funds from international projects and, especially, a radical change in the way of making and disseminating the results through that open science, promised which mana.

Minister and rector were accompanied behind closed doors by authorities, technicians and advisors. The rector expressed to the minister the interest in betting on research methods whose results are automatically publicly accessible, especially if it is knowledge produced with public funds.

Aguilar made reference, in this sense, to the debate that arises from many researchers: on the one hand, their desire to spread their work as they would like, "in coherence with the production tools, the digital communication of science and the commitment to the society". And, on the other, what they have to do by virtue of what is understood as a research career. Hence, the significance of the idea of Open Science in Spain to change the traditional incentive system based on the impact factor of the journals. "It is on the agenda and it is planned to address it from September," the minister dixit.

The conversation dealt with the aid to the General Research Support Service (SEGAI) to the need for an interlocutor in the Ministry to maintain a stable multi-year calendar of the calls for Challenges and Excellence, with a progressive improvement and Programmed financing. Keyword and repeated. Financing. Stable, sufficient and public.

On human resources, the rector explained the situation in the ULL. Regarding the Teaching and Research Staff (PDI), Aguilar stressed the need to find formulas to be able to capture and train research talent mainly in the post-doctoral phase.

Rosi Aguilar also proposed the implementation of a program for the incorporation of young doctors that includes financing for stays abroad. And of course, the rector of the ULL proudly spoke the rector of the spin off, three created this last year. One of them, Wooptix was the second and final stage of the visit. but that's another story. To be continue.

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