June 23, 2021

Pedro del Hierro, glam chords to shine on the red carpet

The firm Pedro del Hierro has closed the third day of the Madrid catwalk with a parade preceded by a red carpet in which famous “made in Spain” have worn house designs, a snack before the main course in which it has been seen an eighties fashion, with “glam” chords.

Isabel Preysler, Eugenia Silva, Boris Izaguirre, Quim Guitérrez, Feliz Gómez or Sandra Gago have been some of the celebrities who have not wanted to miss the Pedro de Hierro parade and, from the front row, have taken note of the new trends.

Shoulder pads, evening dresses and tight silhouettes for them; ‘casual’ tuxedos and garments in fabric ‘tweeds’ for them, a scheme that has been developed over more than 40 outings in Madrid’s Palacio de Cibeles.

“Aquarius, the new era”, is the title of this collection inspired by the change of the astrological era, “a period where collective interests will take precedence over personal ones,” Nacho Aguayo explained to Efe on Wednesday, who acknowledges that in This work “the silhouettes and the feminine and masculine tissues share a lot of space”.

And with this idea, the designers, Nacho Aguayo and Alex Mirallez, have built a new “more groundbreaking” collection, in which black and darker tones such as gray, purple or garnet take on prominence, more when satin sparkles and threads appear bright.

Nacho Aguayo, who knows a lot about sewing, proposes a new dress with very strict silhouettes and very marked shoulders, “garments that represent a powerful woman who likes to show authority in her way of dressing”, adds this designer to the front of women’s proposals.

In the first part of the parade there has been a serious tailoring, a well-constructed wool with diplomatic stripe, then a series of minidresses and garments with more armed silhouettes, made with star-printed fabrics, have appeared on the scene.

Later came the proposals at night. If in the previous collection the bright fabrics with moiré effect and aquamarine tones were protagonists, now dark tones, especially black, prevail, a successful balance between the commercial and the aesthetic.

Fabulous pieces, designed to show off in red carpets, a work that Nacho Aguayo embroiders and that many people already like, including Queen Letizia, who has worn several pieces of the firm as a fabulous navy blue jumpsuit for a gala night in the Royal Theater.

A print with zodiac motifs has been the link between female and male garments that intermingle thanks to the textures and volumes that “play a leading role in the collection, with a strong inspiration in the decade of the decade eighty ”, details Alex Miralles, creative director of the men’s line.

Pedro del Hierro, who is committed to the mixture of colors and fabrics, presents a modern and relaxed man, “with a lot of overlapping layers that generate the codes of the new tailoring shop,” says Miralles.

On this occasion the coats that rub elbows with other winter fur people become important. If for the day, the garments show a more relaxed face, at night they have a more sophisticated facet thanks to the use of velvet, silk and lurex spinning. The end: shine with “glam” sparkles.

Carmen Martin


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