March 7, 2021

Pedro Conde presents his novel 'La hora de las cicaarras' at the Insular Library – La Provincia

Pedro Conde presents his novel 'La hora de las cicaarras' at the Insular Library - La Provincia

The writer from Malaga Pedro Conde presents on July 5, at 6:00 pm, at the Insular Library, his latest book titled The hour of the cicadas, that publishes Famous editorial.

The book, a text that Conde took three years to write and kept hidden in a drawer, tells the story of a hot summer and four boys who face a series of interrelated events in their village surrounded by olive groves. Crime, blood, cruelty, money, love, sex, pain, loss € are the ingredients of this text that less than a year ago he recovered and rewrote suppressing the passages that did not convince him. The hour of the cicadas, which he defines as a "dramatic rustic thriller", is the first novel he writes, although not the first one he publishes.

The author, who resides in Santa María de Guía since 1983, he confesses that his writing seeks to impact history, although he admits that he has come to the conclusion that the important thing is the way of telling that story. "I have also discovered that the greatest adventures are those that are experienced daily, so I no longer look for the magic of fantastic worlds or fast-paced spaceships, I write about ordinary people, which, depending on how you look at it, is always extraordinary. , listening to the writer Elena Alonso Fraile that he recommended killing me more, and a former editor, Ana Gómez, who taught me to be cruel, taking my characters to the extreme, "Conde emphasizes.

Explains the writer that "accustomed to the short story, it was quite a challenge to make a story with several narrative threads and many characters.The idea was born by a secondary character that I wrote for a story." She was a prostitute from a town that worked in a bar and she spent hours in her corner of the bar, with a glass of liquor in front of her and her eyes lost in the past.She remains a secondary character in the novel, but she was the germ, she and the secrets that led her to to be confined in that profession and in that secluded place ".

The main protagonists of his story are four teenagers who get older, who begin to discover the real world and the hardest way. "There, in that, is the autobiographical part of every novel," he says. "The story unfolds in a small town like the one I was born in, at a time when I was about the age of the boys, more or less, and it was also a trauma for me to grow up, to leave a happy childhood to face the lifetime".

Conde makes his characters slaves of his decisions. "I like to make the characters responsible for their actions, take them to the limit, shake them, that's something reiterative in my writings, In fact, in my previous novel (What points north), I start with this sentence:" The first step put on the road, the second, if you're not careful, you get out of it, "he adds.

"That's something I love, playing at being God, if my protagonists take a wrong decision, I'll go there and I'll make them pay, and I think they're making the wrong decisions, I'll take care of that too. The rule that I use in the plot of my novels, in the lives of my protagonists, is that famous one by Murphy, who says that if something can go wrong, it will go wrong, but the boys are not aware of it. they have a vision of the world idealized by television, comics and their innocence, an idea of ​​a just, equitable world, nor is the prostitute aware that she eats, breathes and drinks but stopped her life in a moment of the past when she gave Neither Margarita, who does not know what decision was the one that led her to live her old age alone, the one that drove her children away from her … Maybe Ramona and Roberto are aware, and they know it's too late to fix Nothing, there are acts that can not be undone, you just have to try to take the ill effects they bring you, "concludes Pedro Conde.

Count, who decided one day to return to childhood to never cease to be a child, is the author of some thirty stories, stories and a soap opera, The game of lies. In 2018, his first solo work published on Amazon, the short novel entitled What points north.

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