Pedro Acosta collapses in the reception of López Miras: “I did not have in mind that it was such a serious event”

Pedro Acosta with Fernando López Miras.

Pedro Acosta with Fernando López Miras.

The Murcian pilot Pedro Acosta, world champion of Moto3, has vanished this Thursday at a reception with the president of Murcia, Fernando Lopez Miras, after get dizzy that he has made him fall to the ground and ten minutes later he has returned to the room to say that so many cameras have pressed him.

“It was not in my head that it was such a serious event.”The 17-year-old athlete, who spent the night with a fever but decided not to cancel the reception, has said with the shock still in his body but without losing his sense of humor.

Has collapsed as soon as he began to speak and for a couple of minutes he was treated when he was lying on the floor, after which the resuscitation has continued in another room of the palace of San Esteban, seat of the presidency of the Government, and after about ten minutes he was already at the microphone.

“This is not only mine, but of all Murcians, whose support I have felt” was the only thing that gave him time to say before suffering the drop in tension that has made him lose his verticality despite being held by López Miras, who was by his side.

“We are back”, he said when he came back waving while receiving the applause of those present. “I want to thank all Murcians and what we have achieved is theirs, the people who have supported us, such as those who manage the circuits in which I train. Without them, this would not have been possible,” he said accompanied of his father and his representative, Albert Valera.

The champion that next season will make the leap to Moto2 he values ​​the season “quite”: “To be our first year, we have always been ahead and making few mistakes.”

On Saturday he will be given a tribute in his native municipality, on which he has commented: “I think something so fat had never happened in motorcycling in Murcia and it’s normal that people want to celebrate it with us. ”

López Miras has highlighted the Mazarrón Shark, as he is known, that he is “a brand new champion and a source of pride for the region, which he places at the top of the world.”

He considers it “an example of effort, perseverance and improvement in a society increasingly lacking in values.”

He also praised “the sacrifice of his family, especially his father, Pedro, and his mother, Mercedes, so that the dream of his son, to whom no one has given anything, would be fulfilled.”


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