December 4, 2020

Pedri, magic and dividends – La Provincia

Pedro González López 'Pedri' -d- fights with Cuadrado, from Juventus, on the last day of the Champions League in Turin.

Pedro González López ‘Pedri’ -d- fights with Cuadrado, from Juventus, on the last day of the Champions League in Turin.

Twenty-one days after his 18th birthday, Pedro González López ‘Pedri’ (Tegueste, Tenerife, 2002) stages one of the most vertiginous irruptions of the century in a giant of the stature of Barcelona. The former UD Las Palmas player is the face of Koeman’s regeneration. From Messi’s burofax to the irreverent teguestero recital in Turin. The hope of the Camp Nou and a great deal for the yellows.

In September 2019, it was transferred by the UD for 5 million and the island entity agreed on a series of bonus variables that now translate into succulent benefits. The figures of vertigo. With a professional license in the Barça first team -dorsal 16-, the Infante de Tegueste counts eight official matches-six in LaLiga Santander and two in the Champions League. Upon reaching the ten meetings, Las Palmas will receive 450,000 euros. If Pedri’s shooting reaches 15 official duels in 2020-21, the final amount amounts to 800,000.

The twenty games of the midfielder and international under 21 with Barça – between the domestic competition, Europe or the King’s Cup – leave the amount of one million in the coffers of the entity chaired by Miguel Ángel Ramírez. If there are 25 contests: 1.5 ‘kilos’. If the progression amounts to 50 official Barça duels with a professional record: five million.

In the case of reaching a hundred games, another five ‘kilos’. As the contract states, ‘once at FC Barcelona, ​​the following variables will be cumulative if you have the first team’s number’. The first -the one of five duels- has already taken place and with it the first profit figure: 250,000 euros. If all of them are added – up to a hundred games – 14 million are charged.

Ramírez himself already estimated the total benefit of the ‘Pedri phenomenon’ at “25 million”. The UD received a million for the performance of the infant of Tegueste, by kissing the 37 games (four goals) in the 19-20.

The sum of the cumulative variables per game – in the case of the UD it had to exceed 45 minutes per game to be counted and it did so in 34 of the 37 games – remained at one million.

That ‘kilo’ adds to his achievements with the Spanish team, since Pedri has been international in the Under 17, Under 19 and Under 21 categories. In addition, he also participated in a youth category World Cup last year in Brazil, and where reached the quarterfinal round – to be eliminated by France.

15% of a future transfer

The UD has already received a figure close to seven million for the Tegueste diamond -five from the first sale, one million for the quota of yellow matches, 500,000 euros for its passage through the lower categories of the Spanish team and 250,000 of the first variable of the Barcelona club-.

In addition, the island entity ensures 15% of a future transfer of Pedri, with a clause of 400 million. The former UD player offered his first press conference prior to the third game of the Champions League group stage against Dynamo Kiev (8:00 pm CEST). In Europe, he made his debut as a director against Ferencváros. He knocks on the door of Luis Enrique’s La Roja – a scenario that would leave more benefits.

Record collector and a dividend factory in the days of Covid. In June 2019, he was able to leave UD for free -after completing his first season in Juvenil B and the Division of Honor-, but the cleverness of the island club and a gentlemen’s agreement ensured a millionaire revenue. When Barça made its purchase official – September 2 of last year – the Tenerife player had three 2A games.

Invisible for Tenerife or Madrid – who rejected the diamond after a test in Valdebebas as a cadet and a new offer last summer – Pedri continues to score for UD. Goals with the aroma of tickets. The fashionable face of continental football returns to the scene. To captivate and elevate its golden figures.


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