Fri. Apr 10th, 2020

Pedrerol’s message to Hugo Gatti, a positive coronavirus: “We are waiting for you soon”

has again caused a loss on television. This time in
The beach bar
from Mega presented by

Josep Pedrerol.
If a month ago it was Kike Mateu who suffered the effects of Covid-19
, now he is the Argentine exporter Hugo Gatti, better known as ‘Crazy’, who is hospitalized after testing positive. The news was announced by his son Lucas through an Argentine media, assuring that, despite the bilateral pneumonia that he has been diagnosed with, “he is stable.”

That is why the Atresmedia presenter wanted to send a loving message to one of the most cheerful and dynamic people on the show. Recall that since Monday, the entire team of The beach bar you are at home broadcasting the sports format.

Pedrerol does 'El Chiringuito' from home

Pedrerol does ‘El Chiringuito’ from home

Hugo Gatti and Josep Pedrerol in 'El Chiringuito'

Hugo Gatti and Josep Pedrerol in ‘El Chiringuito’

“Entered by a picture of bilateral pneumonia that was confirmed to be caused by this virus. He came in pretty screwed up, but we were told he’s stable. Better than it came in. We are waiting for him to recover, to continue improving. We hope this madness ends, “explained Lucas Gatti, son of the Argentine exporter, to the Infobae portal.

Gatti who is 75 years old is admitted to a Madrid clinic and medical examinations indicate that it is affected by coronavirus. It all started when the one who was the goalkeeper of the Argentina team and of clubs like River Plate and Boca Juniors began to feel bad, and, considering that two years ago they put two stentthey went to the hospital. “You have to hope that the evolution is favorable and that you feel better,” Lucas explained.

Hugo Gatti, hospitalized in Madrid for coronavirus. The former soccer player is 75 years old.

Hugo Gatti, hospitalized in Madrid for coronavirus. The former soccer player is 75 years old.
(David Fernández (CLARÍN))

Since The beach bar Mega, a program he has been a part of for several seasons, Josep Pedrerol wanted reassure viewers and followers of ‘El Loco’ and explain the conversation he had hours before going live. “He suffered from severe pneumonia and had to be admitted to the hospital. They tested him for the coronavirus and he tested positive. I talked to him two hours ago and he’s looking forward to it. ‘I’m sad,’ he says”, Explains the presenter.

“I told him to be calm. Hopefully he recovers very soon. We are waiting for you here very soon, even if it’s from home“He concluded.

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