Pedraz asks Bárcenas for evidence on the PP bites in exchange for contracts from the Aznar Government

The judge of the National Court Santiago Pedraz, instructor of the piece on the PP bites of large businessmen in exchange for awards from the Government of José María Aznar, has postponed until April the statement of the former treasurer of the PP Luis Bárcenas scheduled for next Monday. But, in the meantime, he asks him to provide the court with the evidence “on which the statements contained in the confession sent to the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor on February 2 can be based”, in which he affirmed for the first time that some of the donations to the PP during his time as manager and treasurer they were finalists, that is, they were produced in exchange for a specific award.

The judge investigates awards from Rajoy and the hard core of the Government of Aznar to a donor from box B of the PP

The judge investigates awards from Rajoy and the hard core of the Government of Aznar to a donor from box B of the PP

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Pedraz summoned Bárcenas to testify to ratify and expand the statements contained in the aforementioned writing. His statement was scheduled for next Monday, but his lawyer, Gustavo Galán, requested a postponement as he did not consider it convenient for his client to make three statements in 24 hours in different pieces, which would mean “physical punishment” because it would entail two drives in a van. police from the Soto del Real prison.

In addition to this piece, Bárcenas is expected to testify on Monday as a witness before the Kitchen judge, Manuel García Castellón, who is investigating the espionage operation against the ex-treasurer that he launched against the PP Government; and on Tuesday in the trial of Box B, whose resumption is now up in the air due to the worsening of the health status of one of the accused, Cristóbal Páez, admitted for pneumonia derived from COVID-19.

In an order dated Thursday, Pedraz accepts the request for postponement of the defense of Bárcenas and leaves the statement of the former treasurer “pending date.” In any case, he warns that the schedule of complaints is complete until mid-April, so it is possible that he will not quote you until then.

It was the prosecutor Antonio Romeral who sent the judge of box B a letter informing him of the confession of Bárcenas and urging him to have, “in his case, what is necessary for the ratification” of what the ex-treasurer of the PP and the “amplification” of those facts.

Pedraz claimed last December all the documentation of 23 contracts worth 60 million euros that departments corresponding to seven ministries from Aznar’s time granted to the builder of the confessed donor of the PP Alfonso García Pozuelo. If successful, this case could in the future become the second trial based on the so-called ‘Bárcenas papers’, the handwritten notes of two decades of irregular funding in the Popular Party.


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