Pea and Surez double in Gran Canaria – La Provincia

Pea and Surez double in Gran Canaria - La Provincia

The Open LPA Surf City 2018, last test of the national surf circuit La Liga FeSurfing, crowned the people of Tenerife Yael Peña Y Melania Suárez as absolute champions of surfing Spain 2018. The beach of La Cícer in The Gran Canarian palms It brought together the best surfers of the national scene where the Tenerife players Yael Peña and Melania Suárez obtained the titles of absolute champions of Surfing Spain 2018, called La Liga FeSurfing. In turn, Peña and Suarez also stood with the absolute victory of the Open LPA Surf City 2018, the last test that closed the tour national surf

Two days of best national surf where Canarian competitors once again demonstrated the great level they treasure in their island genetics, returning to occupy the top positions in the male and female categories.

A second day which was reserved for the celebration of the semifinals and open finals in both categories left a magnificent taste in mouth to all those who approached the avenue of the Playa de Las Canteras to enjoy a summer day in the month of December.

The Sunday began with the low tide and the dispute of the semifinals of girls. Two very interesting sleeves where the wave conditions were going to leave incredible maneuvers of the future promises of surfing. The Canarians Lucia Machado and Sara González asserted their great form in the first semifinal leaving Ana Rasines and Ana Betancor without options. In the second semi the Tenerife Melania Suárez and the French Neis Lartigue had more difficulties to secure the pass to the grand final. Laura de los Reyes and Sofía de Tomas fought to the end in a very tight sleeve, but could not overcome Suarez and Lartigue.

In men the semifinals They were very tight, the level of the competitors that reached the top 8 of the Open LPA Surf City 2018 was very high. The predictions were met with the locals, but the big surprise was the elimination of Spain runner-up Juanjo Fernandez who had to yield to Julian Cuello and Víctor Sánchez who achieved magnificent scores that put them in the final. The promise couple of the Canarian surf, Yael Peña and Luis Díaz turned for the second time in the championship. Both exhibited a radical surf with twists and spectacular actions that put them one step above Carlos Marqués Y Fynn Miller.

The female final It showed clearly because surfing of girls in the Canary Islands is booming. Each of the finalists gave themselves to the maximum, getting the applause of the attendees from the shore and avenue of the beach. But it was Melania Suárez, with an end of season plethoric that got a great victory and climb to the top of the drawer of this last test of the national tour. Secondly, Sara González, who would be the big surprise of the final beating a priori favorite riders like Lucía Machado and the French Neis Lartigue who closed the women's podium.

In men the grand final was one of the lifts with the highest level played in recent years in the Canary Islands. The Cícer would be the judge that granted Yael Peña, the king's crown LPA Open LPA Surf City. Peña disputed a championship from its beginnings with a great metal and physical strength, with a consistent surf that gave it the title in this second edition and a great finishing touch to an outstanding season. In second place, Luis Díaz, who played a great event demonstrated the great level that holds one of the great promises of European surfing. Third place for a veteran of the surfing of the capital, Julian Cuello, that managed to sneak into the head trio with a radical and very powerful surf. Fourth place for Víctor Sánchez, the great surprise of the championship that showed the strength of the Canarian quarry.

One of the novelties of this edition was the celebration for the first time in Canaries of the Spanish Championship of bodysurf. A little-known modality in the Canary Islands, but one of the most primitive of surfing where the competitor surfs with his body aided only by some fins. Great level of bodyrider that delighted many attendees who had never witnessed a competition of these characteristics. Ricardo Estupiñán, one of the veteran Canarian buggers, did not miss the opportunity and with a consistent surf he managed to become the champion of Spain Bodysurf 2018. The podium was closed by José Román, Aitor Ojeda and Jorge Saavedra.

The sand of La Cícer beach It was the scene of the paddle tournament that, parallel to the surfing championship, took place on Saturday and Sunday. A tournament in pairs where the 10 registered couples offered a very high level of paddles that together with the excellent weather conditions made Playa de las Canteras the best of the courts to play a game of shovels outdoors. The winning couple was Juan Herrera and Javier Pérez being second in the tandem formed by Daniel Olivencia and Mario Expósito.

Hundreds of surfing fans gathered at Las Canteras Avenue to witness the presentation of trophies to the winners and finalists of this second edition of the Open LPA Surf City. In this way, the competition that was developed with two days of the best national surfing in one of the best urban beaches in the world was closed. Summer temperatures and a varied program of activities parallel to the surf competition managed to attract a large audience that filled rails during the course of the event. A 2018 edition where the landing in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria of the Spanish Surfing Championship consolidates the city as one of the most important surf cities in Europe and one of the favorite surfing destinations worldwide.

The Open LPA Surf City 2018, is promoted by the Cabildo de Gran Canaria through its Insular Institute of sports, the councils of Sports with its Municipal Institute of Sports, City of Sea and Youth of the City Council of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. An edition organized by the Spanish Surfing Federation and the Canarian Surf Federation, with the collaboration of Mercedes Benz, Sock'M, Rider Sandals and Gatorade.


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