Paulino Rivero warns about the risk of recession

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Analyze in an article the economic horizon

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The former president of the Canarian Government
Paulino Rivero warns of the risk of recession or crisis around the holidays.

It does so in the article
this Sunday publish on the pages of CANARIAS7in which he also points out that there is a part of the citizenry that seems oblivious to these risks.

Paulino Rivero.

is then collected
a passage from that article:

“This infrequent August is also leaving us with terrible news about the measures that the European Union is adopting to protect us from the collateral damage derived from the intolerable invasion of Ukraine by Russia and its consequences on the European economy and well-being. Unfortunately, they are not summer snakes; It is a worrying reality.

Despite how active in news this is being
quirky augustthousands of Canarians and visitors enjoy our Islands oblivious to football, politics and or the politics of
energy saving imposed by governments. The Islands are full of visitors, the bars and restaurants are overflowing and a contagious joy and disinhibition reigns among the majority of the people; it is as if the pot
Pressure in which we have been involved due to the pandemic has been uncovered without control.

The economists venture that will immediately be presented to us
new and hard obstacles, however, in the street it is perceived that people prefer to make the expression come true: that they take away what I danced»

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