Paulina Rubio presents a new single, 'Yo soy'

The Mexican Paulina Rubio presented this Thursday in Miami her new single and video 'Yo soy', who sang to the press and a select group of her followers to whom she stated that the song reflects the best version of herself. "I want to be my best version, I want to forgive people who did not forgive and I want to free myself from many chains that prevent me from following my path," the so-called "Golden Girl" assured the press.

At 50 years old, blond She was enthusiastic about the plans for the future, which include "especially" a tour, as well as a new album and in which she does not rule out a new love. "Eva is in paradise, I assure you that there will be many more adams, but there is only one Eva," said the singer, presenter, businesswoman and actress with four decades of artistic career. "The story goes more or less like this," he said before interpreting his new song in an intimate evening in which he also sang at the request of the public 'I am not that woman', one of his hits with two decades of history.

She stated that she is "a renewed woman, mother, friend" wanting to share her music. The singer stressed that she is "working on many things" and that "one does not take time away from the other." The Miami-based singer said that this Halloween she will dress as a policeman, a costume that her children Eros and Andrea Nicolás like very much, the latter fruit of her relationship with her ex-husband Nicolás Vallejo-Nájera, better known as Colate.

The production of the new song, which is a call to empower women based on their own experience, according to the artist, it was in charge of Andrés Castro, winner of two awards Grammy and 13 Latin Grammy Awards. 'I am', full of phrases that challenge such as "I owe nothing to anyone", "Because I am what I want to be, without pretending" and "No one undoes me, no one rules me, because I am always the queen ", is dedicated to women, queensstated Rubio.

Last September, the singer was crowned the Golden Queen during the Pride Latino celebration in Miami Beach, where she had already announced the song.


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