Sun. Jan 26th, 2020

Paul McCartney 'lost' the bus in Adeje – La Provincia

For many years he was abandoned in a plot of the south of Tenerife, just in the back of a house located in La Caldera del Rey (Adeje). Keep in the backyard, it was actually an agricultural and livestock farm more in the middle of an area in continuous tourist growth, an English two-story bus, rickety and with a lot of colors already worn by the sun, it was still a curiosity tied to a story unknown to people who witnessed its slow agony. How many were aware of Wings Over Europe's past? Is it possible that someone who knew the services provided by the vehicle did not flinch seeing the degradation of this iron mass? How did the vehicle end on one of the banks of Barranco del Rey?

Many of those questions were left in the air when the bus that auctioned Omega Auctions – the bidding ends next Sunday – a little over two years ago – returned to the United Kingdom. The drivers of this sale have been set to raise between 15,000 and 25,000 pounds. Getting to the top would mean leveling expenses for the purchase and the subsequent trip back home from the vehicle that Paul McCartney acquired in the early 1970s, already as a member of the band The Wings.

The mountains, the sun and a celestial sky, almost without clouds, were covered by metal structures that supported the weight of huge containers of water. In the front, even, a barbecue was mounted. A legend in red ( The Wings over Europe) It was the only track that could associate the former Beatles with a bus in a dilapidated state: there is another vehicle, with fewer colors, that remains currently abandoned in a plot of Taco (La Laguna).

Essex and Norfolk

McCartney bought in 1972 a bus that belonged to the fleet of Easterm National Omnibus Company Limited. It is likely that a good part of its service sheet will be filled by covering the route between the Essex and Norfolk cores. Paul McCartney and his boys painted it with bright colors. This was how WNO 481 (its original board) became the mobile unit with which The Wings went on a tour of Europe. Paul McCartney, Linda McCartney, Denny Laine, guitarist that Moody Blues, and Denny Seiwell were the first members of a formation that transformed WHO 481 into their motor home. A year or so, the adventure of T was extended he Wings over Europe. As soon as the initial alignment disintegrated – The Wings had ten members between 1971 and 1981 – the trail of the bus that ended up cornered in a plot of a British investor who decided to settle in the south of Tenerife was lost. The exact date of his landing in the Canary Islands is not clear, but documents dating to that fact in 1993.

The chassis, a Bristol KSW5G of Bristol Commercial Vehicles, still retained part of the changes that were made when the seats were removed to make room for the mattresses (the band was alive in the bus) and there were remains of some mobile structures that were placed next to the windows of the lower floor.

In a location very close to the surface occupied by the Siam Park, although away from the eyes of the users of the TF-1 – one of the highest traffic density roads on the Island – a bus was parked for years that was a element more for the fun of some children and the next one the shelter of some animals. Nothing suggested that one of the members of the four of Liverpool traveled one of his two floors one day. But the future of The Wings over Europe It began to change about 12 years ago, just when its current owner appeared on the property of La Caldera del Rey and was interested in a relic with obvious signs of abandonment (absence of parts and rust). The agreement was closed around an amount close to 25,000 pounds, but the bus did not move from the Island for eight years. Coinciding with his transfer to British soil -Ertransit took over the open operation between the quay of the capital of Tenerife and Felixstowe- Sir McCartney made a public appeal -the message leaked through social networks- to try to locate something that It had been his property. By next Sunday it is expected to raise at least 25,000 pounds.

Everything that exceeds that amount will be donated to the NGO Arms Around the Child.

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