September 29, 2020

Pau Gasol, “proud” of the NBA against racism: “It’s time to say this far” – La Provincia

The Spanish pivot Pau Gasol He was “proud” of his NBA teammates por your reaction and protest against racism in the United States, to say “this far we have come”.

“It is a critical moment, a moment in which American society is realizing that after more than 400 years of racial discriminationAnd of racism in this country, it is time to say this far we have come, “he said this Friday on TVE.

Gasol, found standing recovering from a long injury, referred to the boycott of the ‘playoffs’ initiated by a former team of his as Milwaukee bucks and that left two days without the NBA in Orlando. The players thus reacted to a new wave of protest against racism in the country and to demand political measures against police abuses.

The Spanish international highlighted the work of the NBA to “use” their “voices to help make that change happen.” “Very proud of my teammates, of the NBA players, for having taken this step, which has also led to other leagues and other athletes taking a position and that this translates into positive changes for a better, fairer and more equal society “, said.


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