Pau Gasol offers his most intimate portrait in the series ‘The important thing is the trip’

“I am very happy with the result. I think we give an image of great naturalness and humanity ”, the former athlete is proud.

It has been a little over a month that Pau Gasol made his retirement from basketball public. It was the official farewell to the sports star. But the act that took place at the Liceu on October 5 was, in some way, also the coming-out of the character that the 41-year-old ex-Barcelona athlete wants to assume in public life.

Since his goodbye to the fields, Pau has not stopped working in the Gasol Foundation, with which it aims to fight childhood obesity and promote healthy habits, is taking its first steps within the COI, as a member of the Athletes Commission, and having some conversations with the franchises of the NBA. Within that busy schedule is included the promotion of a docuseries ‘The important thing is the trip’ which will premiere next Friday in Amazon Prime Video, in which the former basketball player explains the emotional and physical challenge of rehabilitation and his return to Barça After two long years of absence, his determination to say goodbye on the court, against the opinion of some of the doctors and how he faces his future, and his passion for basketball.

“I am very happy with the docuseries and with the result. I think we give an image of great naturalness and humanity. I wanted to convey how we did things at this level and situations that are difficult to see and imagine ”, he commented Pau Gasol in a meeting with Zoom this Monday with various media, including El Periódico to talk about this mini series, which will have four 45-minute episodes, directed by Oriol Bosch, the director of the documentary about Andres Iniesta “The Unexpected Hero” produced in 2020 by Rakuten.

Shocking moments

The documentary begins in 2019 with some images inside the operating room before the operation on his foot that forced him to resign his contract with Portland and to dedicate himself, body and soul, to his rehabilitation. The four chapters recount, although not chronologically, the most important moments of his career through many testimonies from players, coaches, caretakers. The former athlete reveals, among other topics, the conversation with Kobe bryant that led him to the Lakers, where he conquered two rings, and his last stage at Barça with the complicity of his friend Juan Carlos Navarro and the technician Jasikevicius or the one he considers the best game of his career: the semifinals of the Eurobasket of 2015 against France, in which he finished with 40 points.

“Pau, we are going to win the ring.” This is how he received it Kobe bryant as soon as he joined the Lakers in 2008, after a transfer that caught the Barcelona player by surprise. “The first time we met in Barcelona, ​​he told me to see if we have a way to play together. But I did not give it more importance because the previous year I tried with the Grizzlies that they transferred me and I did not succeed. So sign for the Lakers It was a surprise and I was in a state of ‘shock’ ”. It also includes the impact that Pau suffered when the helicopter accident that ended the life of Kobe, with whom he had a great relationship. “It was a very hard blow, I am still digesting it, I cried a lot and it took me three days to sleep well. I wanted to convey what I felt in the most natural way possible ”, he relates.

The miniseries also shows the most human side of the character, the most human Gasol, and an intimate conversation with his wife Cat McDonnell, in which he admits that she had to put aside her career to accompany him. “She has had to sacrifice her professional career to be with me, with a very good position in a large company, with a training that I do not have nor do I approach her,” she explains in the documentary. “That creates frustrations, both individually and for the couple. That is very difficult”.


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