April 16, 2021

Pau Gasol: "I have not asked for the transfer, I can still make my team better" | sports

Pau Gasol: "I have not asked for the transfer, I can still make my team better" | sports

The Spurs do not go through a good time. They have lost four of their last games. And Pau Gasol, just play. Gregg Popovich grants him very few minutes. According to some information, the team explored the possibility of exchanging the Spanish pivot in the winter market. And it also spread that it was he who requested the transfer or even a rescission of the contract that allows him to sign as a free agent for another team before March 1.

"Which is the source? What is the validity of that story? I do not know, "Pau Gasol reacted when asked about the rspecto. "I did not request an exchange. People can understand that my situation is not what was expected. My only wish is to be able to contribute to the team, be on the court, do what I am supposed to do and be up to what they pay me. " This is what Pau explained in Memphis, where he faced his former team during his first six and a half seasons in the NBA and also the one his brother Marc until last week when he signed for the Raptors.

At 38 years of age, Pau's averages have fallen sharply and are the worst, by far, in all his career. He has lost his presence on the court, especially since recovering from a foot injury that kept him inactive until December 26. He has played 26 games this season and averages 12.5 minutes, 4.4 points, 4.7 rebounds and 1.9 assists.

"I love this sport, what I do. I try hard and I want to continue doing it. I know I may not be at my best, but I think I can still contribute at a very high level to my team being better, "explained the 16th Spurs during the pre-game training against the Grizzlies. After playing two seasons in the Bulls, Pau signed a contract with the Spurs in July of 2017 for three seasons and 16 million dollars each, although the next one, will only be guaranteed 6.7 million.

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