July 25, 2021

Pau Dons: Hall Effect ‘screams’ in tribute to Pau Dons – La Provincia

The death of Pau Donés June 9th has been a severe blow to the music industry. The leader of Stick Syrup passed away after a long battle against Cancer, which he always faced from an optimistic point of view.

Pau Donés has left a legacy of songs that have been part of the soundtrack of many lives and that have been consecrated as jewels of Spanish pop: ‘The skinny girl’, ‘Water’, ‘Shouts’, ‘The dark side’, ‘It depends’, ‘Nice’

Hall effect, Álvaro Soler, The sticker, Sofia Ellar, Roi Méndez, Arnau Griso, Carlos Sadness, Bely Basarte, David Otero, Rayden, Dani Fernández, Tightrope walker, Suu, Bombai and Álvaro de Sinsinati have joined their voices to pay tribute to Pau Donés.

Points out Ivan Torres, one of the members of Hall Effect, that the songs of Jarabe de Palo They have always been within us and with this tribute they want to honor the artist’s musical wealth. “It is not a farewell because it will always be alive in the songs that all of them,” the group from Gran Canaria published on their social networks.

The video thanks the musical legacy of this band with a #ThanksPau.


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