February 27, 2021

Pau Dons announces an "adis, but see you later" with a video – La Provincia

Pau Dons announces an "adis, but see you later" with a video - La Provincia

The Spanish singer Pau Donés, group vocalist Palo syrup, the year has begun with an emotional message on YouTube in which he announces a "goodbye, but see you later"

The musician confirmed that he departs from the stages and the studios. "As many of you already know, this year we are going to stop. They have been connected to music for 20 years and maybe the time has come to do other things, "says the musician in the video.

"A lot of thoughts come to my head, the amount of good things the music has given us," said Pau Donés on the recording, in which he promised, however, to return. "What's ahead will be, at least, as good as it has been these twenty years, but there will be no stage, live music, and that we will miss it a lot, and above all to you, but also tell you that we will return , this is a paradita, it's a goodbye but see you later", the composer highlighted."I do not know when, how, or in what way, but we will return"he insisted.

Donés also took advantage of the video to thank the support of his followers, to those who asked to "resume contact" in the future.

Finally, the singer congratulated the fans for the year: "I hope it's a year for all of us and, above all, be happy." Life is urgent, it's one and now and we have to live it to the fullest, with intensity ".


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