Pau Capell and Magda Laczak revalidate triumphs in the Transgracanaria HG 128km – La Provincia

Pau Capell and Magda Laczak revalidate triumphs in the Transgracanaria HG 128km - La Provincia

The Transgrancanaria HG 128km repeat champions: Pau Capell Y Magda Laczak will return, one more year, to climb on the top of the podium. And both have revalidated victory with the toughest competition of recent years, and overcoming the strong heat prevailing on the island.

Pau Capell has done it again: take the third time test 'queen' of the grancanaria appointment. And he did it with authority, practically dominating the test from beginning to end. His hegemony only discussed by the American Hayden Hawks during the first stretch of the race, although the American had to leave due to physical problems.

After Capell, the next to enter the goal of Expomeloneras was Pablo Villa. The one that was champion of Spain of the RFEA 2018 with his victory in the Advanced modality, competed with bravery in this Transgrancanaria, for now, the longest career of his life. The gomeran athlete, Cristofer Clemente, completed the national podium.

In females, Magda Laczak repeat in the highest drawer of the podium. Last year did not enter the pools and won the finish line. This year, with a luxury sign, he returned to repeat victory. Kaytlyn Gerbin, one of the aspirants to take the scepter, arrived at Expomeloneras in second position, while the Brazilian Fernanda Maciel did it in third position.


Pau Capell (ESP) 11:41:08
Pablo Villa (ESP) 12:30:05
Cristofer Clemente (ESP) 12:41:22
Magda Laczak (POL) 15:21:24
Kaytlyn Gerbin (USA) 15:33:36
Fernanda Maciel (BRA) 16:02:01

The Transgrancanaria HG Advanced, for Camps and Raczynska

The Transgrancanaria HG He already has his last champions: Iván Camps and Irina Raczynska, in Advanced mode, after traveling 30 intense kilometers under extreme weather conditions.

Camps arrived exhausted, screaming for water, because his effort had been titanic. The Berga's corridor It marked an exceptional time, below six hours. Another who also stopped the clock below that time slot was his pursuer, the Slovak Martin Halasz. Jesús Gil entered the finish line in third position twenty minutes later.

In girls, triumph for the Russian Raczynska, which was imposed on the Belgian based in Gran Canaria, Dominique van Mechgelen, and the local runner, María José Guillén.


Iván Camps (ESP) 05:53:10
Martin Halasz (SLO) 05:59:54
Jesús Gil (ESP) 06:14:33
Irina Raczynska (RUS) 07:17:29
Dominique van Mechgelen (BEL) 07:29:01
María José Guillén (ESP) 07:42:22


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