Patxi López affirms that the PSOE goes to Catalonia "with one hand to defend the Constitution and with another to speak"

Patxi López affirms that the PSOE goes to Catalonia "with one hand to defend the Constitution and with another to speak"

"Nobody can skip the law, nobody can close a parliament if it does not give the reason and can not condition a budget, because a government is not going to get into what the courts say," said Lopez, who has recommended the parties Catalan sovereigntists that support the General State Budget (PGE) presented by the Government of Pedro Sánchez because they are the "best" for Catalonia.

In an act of the party for the presentation of the socialist candidate in Plasencia (Cáceres), Raúl Iglesias, López also referred to the election day in Andalusia, on which he said that "in democracy the revolution is done through the BOE" .

"Today in Andalusia they decide who, through the Official Gazette of Andalusia, transforms and changes the lives of the people," said López, who said with confidence about the victory of Susana Díaz as well as that of the Socialists in the next elections. autonomic and general.

On the other hand, Lopez has highlighted the importance of mayors as a reference figure, as "beacon of the ideals of the PSOE", and in this regard has stressed that municipal councilors should be a "mirror" in which they can see reflected all the socialists. "

An example, he added, against the policies of the right that it seems "they have been born with power from the cradle" that they believe that the socialists are "usurping" each time they come to power.

For this reason, he has recommended to the platonic candidate Raúl Iglesias that "a socialist will never change neither principles nor values", and that there lies the future electoral victory and for that reason "the PSOE will last forever and for that reason it remains the reference for millions of people in this country"

López recalled his childhood when he arrived in the province of Cáceres because his parents were "exiled" during the Franco dictatorship, and the ties that bind his family to the north of Extremadura, from where the ascendants of his wife originate. .

Patxi López has participated in this act together with the Secretary General of the PSOE of Extremadura, Guillermo Fernández Vara; the secretary general of the PSOE of Cáceres, Miguel Ángel Morales; and the general secretary of the PSOE of Plasencia and president of the Assembly, Blanca Martín, in addition to the candidate himself, Raúl Iglesias.


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