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In summer he met the poetry of Federico García Lorca. "A world of metaphors and colors, like children's sensibility." In that artist house where Father Enrique Morente was in charge, Soleá I was 11 years old. They followed glows from Miguel Hernández, by Rafael Alberti. "Poems of love, of heartbreak, of sailors." And his father. "I thought everything he sang had happened to him." Some things have happened to her that she sings, "and others have been even worse ...! Normally they have been heartbreakers. ” Singing is relieved Soleá

Lorca (and Morente) was followed, in his teenage bookstore, On the Road, from Jack Kerouac. “Life so free. I started looking at the stars differently after reading it. That rich life of the beat generation. ” And there one day, Patti Smith also appeared in reality. First with your diaries. It was a miraculous appearance. Patti, Aunt Patti there, in person, in Enrique Morente's studio.

Soleá had read those diaries "of a mysterious woman of whom I felt that one day she could be her friend ... A book in peace from which you left to make music". Patti and the father "came to record together, here, in the studio." Soleá was not; there was his father, his mother, who made a stew, and Patti arrived with Laura García Lorca, Federico's niece, very close to the family.

Patti, her father told her, "is a very funny woman, very curious, very mysterious ..." Those recordings were never published. “The meeting was rather for pleasure, for hobby, for friendship. But they recorded it. It is a treasure that we are looking for as much material as my father left behind. More magical things will come out. ”

That music that remained as overlapping is an energy for Soleá… “Sometimes I feel like lost, because life is not easy even if it is wonderful. I enter the computer and I find messages that I wrote in his name and that answer my uncertainties. Look at the dialogue I found between my father and a journalist. The journalist asked him what Soleá would do in life. 'Do we have a new Morente here?' And this was what my father dictated to me: 'Well, here is Soleá writing my answers and she tells me that you don't have to take things so decisively.' That energy gives me peace and surrounds me. ”

He studied Philology (with Luis García Montero) and now, while going to festivals with his brothers Kiki and Estrella, he was doing a Master's Degree in Advanced Studies of Spanish and Hispano-American Literature. Teresa de Cartagena, Leonor de Córdoba, Teresa de Ávila are around her head. “I am now reading the first writers who had the courage to face the world. They give me strength, they are inspiring. ” That master went with the stories of Julio Cortázar (The slime of the devil: “I liked his way of turning the tradition around”), he kept the idea of ​​putting music (rock, who knows) to chapter 7 of Hopscotch, and because of the air of hell and fog that his works have, he was also intrigued by Juan Carlos Onetti.

The father. “Sometimes I feel very alone and there are many people around. Friends, my wonderful mother, my brothers, public, friends of my father ... But the absence of such a strong presence makes me feel that I will never find another one that complements me and understands me as much as my father. ” Soleápredestined “I am living quite lonely. My parents could not give more on the point with my name. But I am very sociable. The loneliness I feel is a streak that will pass me. ”

There is a specially underlined book, Life before him, from Romain Gary. “The eyes and soul of a child, a clash of reality very strong, without abandoning the truth, beauty, innocence. A life lesson. As children we have everything, I had everything, toys, honey, and reading this story was like a host that marked me while I was in college. ”

Life is not the same without books ... and without songs. His mentor, in college and also in things of life, he says, was García Montero. And there is another teacher, Paco Ibáñez. “I will see him with flowers in his hand, always nervous. I am making a record with his songs. He put his life at the service of poets and music. It gives peace and maturity; I see it strengthened. ”

Magic and energy are his words. They are born from a courtyard in Granada where he learned to conjugate the verbs by listening to his father's guitar and reading the verses of Federico García Lorca. The history of Soleá is deep, like the word loneliness itself.

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